1 Right, Brother?

"Click! Click!" As her heels were so noisy as she walks in the Biggest Company in the world the "Cs Company"! that no one ever dared to offend, owned by the World Class rich Man Clark Vascana. His family, Vascana group is one and only one in the first-class family in their society. Even the country President can't go against him but Clark is not that person. He doesn't interfere with the country's problems nor politics.

In this society, the First Classed family is the most powerful not only in its country but also in the world. It doesn't only focus on the world but it may also in its country but since no one ever went up ahead there is only one who could climb onto it. Second Class is a clan that is powerful next to the number one who also has great power. Third family Class is the mayor's and other leaders that aren't that powerful enough not all mayors are in the third it just really based on family power and wealth. Below that is families who really don't have any power nor wealth or just simply simple family.

Clark Vascana is known not only because of his company power and family's wealth but also being the coldest person in the world but not literally being cold. Clark always has a cold expression especially on woman, he hates woman sticks closer to him. That cold piercing glares, the cold shoulder you do not want to experience or you'll be killed in an instant. No wonder people got scared at him all the time that no one dared to offend him. They even gave him the nickname 'Cold-blooded King'. Clark never let anything slide when people offend him. If you offend him you'll be dead corpse tomorrow!

As the mysterious gorgeous woman walks to the receptionist. The woman's clothes were really fashionable that caught people's attention. The woman is now the center of attention of that fancy eyes as high branded clothes wrapping around her body.

When she gets to the receptionist center. A woman greets her with a warm smile.

"Good Morning Ma'am do you have an appointment today?" She asks politely.

The woman took off her shade as her hair waves shiny. Her blinding beauty surprised the people at the company. The receptionist woman surprised to see the woman in the shades, an attractive wavy figure, white slender legs, clear white skin, and long shiny hair.

"There's no mistake! You're Stephanie V. The World famous International Fashion designer."

The people started to get even more surprised when they found out who she is. It's indeed Stephanie V. The World famous Fashion Designer. A famous designer due to her excellent designs and work ever made off. No one ever known her family background is neither her last name, all of it was kept in secret. Even her family Class isn't known. Her background is completely unknown except for her successful career. If someone dared to check her background you'll be silent in eternity but... as it says dead men tell no tales.

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"I'm here for Mr. Vascana" Stephanie greeted with a polite smile. The receptionist got blinded by her beauty. The people who kept staring at Stephanie started to mind their own business as soon as they heard "Mr. Vascana". The terrifying name no one wants to encounter. They walk even faster and mumbling each other once Mr. Vascana saw that they're slaking off. The receptionist also got shiver down her spine.

"But Ms. V. Do you have any appointment on Mr. Vascana?" The woman forced a smile.

"Oh no! but just tell him my name I'm sure he'll let me in." Stephanie smiles.

The receptionist's reaction turns disgusted from Joyful. The woman look likes she got disgusted by Stephanie and she also noticed her reaction. A dirty thought-filled inside the head of the woman.

Ugh... Another slut who wants to climb to Mr. Vascana's bed. Sluts really often nowadays just to get in a higher position - The woman said in her mind.

"Oh! Ms. V., I'm sorry I cannot let you in, and also if you have a goal on climbing Mr. Vascana's bed you should totally give up!" As the woman says her thoughts straightforwardly also with a sarcastic laugh, alert Stephanie a bit. The woman was quite full herself on assuring that Stephanie will be thrown out the company right this instant.

Fortunately, Stephanie remains professional and tends to keep her composure since she doesn't want to cause a scene and not be offended by the ridiculous woman. Just a simple absurd woman wouldn't scare her to the finest. Stephanie didn't give a sign of being offended and give her a warm smile but behind it was a murdering expression.

"Oh, I think you got it wrong, haha." Stephanie just laughs it off.

"Before I leave, can you call Mr. Vascana. I just need to tell him a small thing. Tiny please..." Stephanie begs to do her a tiny favor since she even made an effort to come all the way here and at least there is something she has done.

"Fine! Let's see how you'll get embarrassed today." The receptionist contacts Clark's desk with no hesitation. As the woman dial the room number, she coughs herself trying to arrange her voice. She briefs herself first before talking on the phone. Stephanie who is quiet on one side waiting for her finds it quite ridiculous

"Yes? Hello, Mr. Vascana, there's a woman there who wants to talk to you?" The woman's voice gets quite politely affectionate. A voice that can attract men if properly used. Stephanie raises her eyebrow in surprise on her cringy action. Stephanie finds it unbelievable that it was the woman who wants to climb onto his bed and seduce him instead of her.

"Hm... Who?" Clark answer's cold to the phone.

The woman slightly gets blush by the tone of his voice. The attractive manly cold voice Clark's giving to her that all woman wants to possess but get quite a heavy trouble to obtain.

"Oh, its-" The woman was about to tell its name but Stephanie snatches the phone before she could even finish it, then signals her to back away to give them a private conversation. The woman wants to yell but backs off in no choice since she doesn't want Clark to hear an irritating voice. Stephanie didn't mind her tantrums and deliberately speaks to the phone

"What going on there?" Clark answer coldly.

"Oh, my dear Clark! Would you please get your ass down here? My patience is running out..."

A low murdering voice Stephanie made to slightly threaten Clark surprised him in a bit on his office where he was working. He pauses on his work for a moment focus on the situation

"Okay... okay... I got it..." Clark sighs in slight annoyance...

At his office, the moment Clark was informed that she's downstairs. He had no choice but to pause for a moment on his work and go downstairs to meet Stephanie. He took his coat from the hanger and hang it around his muscular shoulder before leaving the office.

"Okay!" Meanwhile, Stephanie goes back on her polite mode as soon as she confirmed that Clarks was about to head down now. She looks quite pleased now that everything will be settled but there is one more irritating problem...

"Hey! Why did you to that? Do you think Mr. Vascana gonna get you away with it?" The woman yelled while pointing Stephanie. She rolled her eyes pretending not to hear the words coming out from her loudmouth.

"Oh! I'm sorry I just really can't wait to meet him!" Stephanie fakely pleaded, pretending to be a crazy fangirl that stalking its idol whenever they go.

For a few moments, the elevator rings when someone was about to head out. Both of their eyes went to the elevator assuming that it was someone whom they are waiting for.

"OMG! It's Mr. Vascana!" People started to mumbles in excitement as they saw Clark. Some were excited to see her gorgeous face but some of them went afraid of seeing his terrifying aura. A mouth-watering face keeps all of the women's eyes focus on him intensely.

As Clark came out on the elevator, his annoyed face and cold look that keep the women in the company admiring his face, run a shiver down their spines on others.

Behind him is his loyal 2 in 1 faithful secretary and personal assistant, Secretary Lee. Clark's coat was hanging in his broad shoulders, hands on the pocket while walking towards Stephanie.

Finally, he's here - Stephanie said in mind

Ohoho look its Mr. Vascana toward here! Look like the Famous Ms. V going to be thrown out.

The wicked thought inside the woman's head can be read easily which is quite annoying.

When Clark walk towards Stephanie he was facing a bit lower making Stephanie quite offended for being slightly taller. He was staring with a cold stare but a murdering stare.

"Ugh, don't come closer... You're making me little" mumble in silence.

"What's up? Can't you just go to my office directly?" Clark says with a cold expression.

"Oh sorry to tell you but this woman won't let me in..." Stephanie politely smiles and points the woman. Clark turns to the woman and glares intensely at her that can kill her anytime. The woman jumps out a bit on his deadly look.

"B-but... Mr.... Clark she... doesn't.... h-have an... appointment." The woman stutter on her words when she spoke. She really got scared at Clark deadly glare at her.

"Oh, and additional info is that she thought that I'm going to climb your bed and seduced you. Isn't that funny?" Stephanie just laughs It off but she's clearly slightly mad. Clark just got really tense up when she hears what Stephanie said. He got completely offended as he raises his eyebrow at her.

"Name." Clark signals his secretary.

"Her's name Lily Dias, new intern." His smart looking secretary answer right away while pushing back his glasses. All of the workers in the company are cleanly memorized on his mind without any mistake. Clark turns around and is about to go back. The woman got relief knowing nothing bad will happen to her but that is only a dream...

"Fire her!" Clark says without hesitation and thinking twice before claiming it as his back is facing the woman. Clark started to walk heading back to his office and Stephanie didn't care and follow him. The woman pleads his secretary but as just he's secretary, he doesn't care and leave her. Clark's words are absolute and no one will change his mind. Secretary Lee contact the company's manager to replace the woman position then they're headed toward the elevator. The people went speechless as they were watching the whole scene. They got really terrified when Clark fired the woman.

"Mr. Clark really scary!"

"I know right!"

"Better not offend him!"

People whispering to each other made Clark even got more annoyed. He glances back at them and people started looking at the other away immediately. Pretending not to care about what's going to happen next. Stephanie stops as soon as she's in front of the elevator. Clark raised an eyebrow.


"Oh, I just suddenly reminded that you don't want people going to the same elevator as you, just you and Secretary Lee."

It's true Clark doesn't want anybody to be the same elevator as him this sometimes causes people to be late on their work. His clean freak was causing a big problem to others but he doesn't care what happened to them.

"Are you getting on or not?" Clark asks in a sarcastic manner.

"Ok, You said so,"

People gasp when they saw Stephanie got in the elevator. They never thought something could happen like this. It's like a miracle this happened.

"Whoa! Oh my god! Did that really just happen?"

"Looks like Ms. V is an important person to Mr. Vascana."

As soon as people started to talk about rumors.

In the elevator, The three of them got in the elevator but the atmosphere there is really weird. No one wants to talk but Clark breaks of the silence. An awkward silence filled the room as soon as the elevator went ups.

"You should have told me that you're going to come and this kind of commotion wouldn't happen.". Clark says coldly not facing Stephanie.

"I really didn't plan on going here today. I just remember that I have to be here so I could check up on 'our' company" Stephanie answers normally. This time no pretending...

"Right? Brother?"

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