Ruru's Livestream ShowRuru's Livestream Show

Ruru's Livestream Show

by Lykoris

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What will you do if you can see a ghost? A spirit or maybe some magical Elementals. Will you chase them away to prevent the conflicts between the two different worlds? Or will you become a bridge for them to create chaos? Just like the girl in the story. Her name is Latrice, The Girl who can see Creatures that normal people can't see. But instead of talking to them, she often ignores or chases them away until one day, Some anomaly video was sent to her phone entitled "Ruru's Livestream Show" Where she has seen a boy that jumped off the rooftop in the 13th-floor building of the hotel. Latrice tried to save the suicidal boy by going to the exact place but it was a bit too late for the two of them. Although she spent some time searching for the boy's body, she couldn't find it anywhere but someone has found her, The boy who died in the exact place approached her. Unlike the other Ghost Latrice's ignored, she noticed that the boy is drowning in the depth of sadness however in their meeting. Latrice would try not to have any contact with the poor ghost. But the ghost didn't have any hesitation in Latrice and so later on, he ended up following Latrice anywhere she goes. (Based on a real-life story with fantasy in it!)

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