1 A cold shower

4:41 AM

"Wow. Another nightmare. They've been so frequent lately, i wonder why. Maybe a hot shower will help clear my thoughts" Dokéshi says as he pulls back the smooth covers of his bed to reveal the 18 scars on his chest he got when he was a kid. "The doctor said they would be gone in a few months, i guess not," he chuckles a bit as he gets out of bed to warm up the water before getting in the shower. As the water steams up the shiny mirrors in his well kept bathroom he figures the water should be hot. "Huh?!? This water is ice cold! I paid my bills for the month last week. How could the mirrors steam without the hot water filling the room?" Dokéshi is normally a well kept young man. Only 16 years old and as mature as a man 30 years of age. Lately however, with the reports of 4 missing teens in the area, his nerves have been a bit stirred. He gets out of the shower with the ice cold water running down his short jet black hair. "Ah that wasnt to bad," he says to himself as he dries off his hair, "a little cold though". He laughs as he falls back into his bed. The darkness swallows the room, the only conversation filling the silence was between him and his thoughts. He laid awake pondering his dream. "That was one crazy dream huh?" He chuckles, " that demon sure had it out for me. The stuff he was saying though did seem a bit, personal. Almost as if it actually knew me. No im not a billionare lunatic dressing up as a bat to fight ATM theifs, but i am familiar with the parent part. sadly" He says as he glances over to a picture of his parents. Dokéshi lost his parents a year and a half ago, Nobody except for him and his football team know. Dokéshi uses the money he gets, from software designing at Yoltar, to pay the bills. Under his mothers name, Margaret. His parents Margaret and Chi knew Dokéshi would do great things in life, only they wanted to be around to see those great things. "I miss you", he says as gets out of bed to start getting ready for school. He reaches over to turn on the TV. As he flips through channels a particular station catches his eye. The Ultimate Robot Fights or TURF for short is a channel Dokéshi used to watch with his dad after school. He watches as The Goliath, a 2 foot 5 tin can with claws attacks The Road Runner, a short 11 inch tall muffler painted blue. He tears up while remembering how his dad would always tell him that when he was old enough he would take him to see the fights. He sniffles a bit while putting on his favorite hoodie, 'The Beatles' a band his dad would always listen to on the way to school. He laces up his vans and walks out the door of his quiet home. He drives to school in his cost efficient Prius. Its an ordinary day for Dokéshi, that is until after his football practice. "Great hustle everybody, now go take a hot shower", his coach yells across the field. Dokéshi changes out of his pads and gear and steps into the shower. The expression on his face changed to annoyance as he felt the water. "Come on guys, real funny. Now turn the hot water back on please", He asks his team. Corbel, a 6 foot 4 tall lightskin with golden brown eyes Dokéshi befriended when he opened up about his parents, walked under the water only to find it was nice and steamy. "Dokéshi what you on bro? This water is definitely not cold sir." Corbel walks away with confused laughter in his voice. Dokéshi sighs joining the laughter of the room so as to not be excluded. After his shower he starts getting his clothes back on, when he glances back towards the shower he sees the shape of a hand coming out of the drain. As he walks out the locker room he feels nostalgic, like hes seen it before, he starts thinking where but then he remembers. His dream! In his dream he was sulking in the shower as the cold water ran down his almost life less body. That's when he saw it, the same hand he saw in the locker room is the one attached to that demon!

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