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I didn’t want to run but I had to or he would of got me and never let me go. Freedom wasn’t real for him and I was his. So I decided to go far away and live out the rest of my life with child. That was a great plan in the beginning but life always ruins my peace. One day my older sister mysteriously died and since my family hated her i had to find out what happened so she can get peace. The only problem with that would be having to go back to that hell . What choice did I have I can’t let my son wonder where his favourite ain’t went? She didn’t deserve this. But what could she have possibly gotten herself into to be killed so suddenly. No I wasn’t a scientist or detective just a single mother fighter for her freedom. But all of a sudden those 3 years of peace were far gone. As he finally found me and won’t let go again. Not some ex-boyfriend. My husband. Who has been looking for me for along time. Maybe he finally gave up or maybe that psycho has something to do with my sisters death. In this universe love and affection didn’t exist. Only betrayal . One problem..... No matter how much I resist him I can’t. Because I love him and he loves me to I know that for a fact but..... His version of love is controlling and possessive . I just couldn’t stand it. I knew his toxic love would be the death of me. Everyone bows even the darkness can be lit up by the smallest lig


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