1 Have you heard of the Flame Ancestor?

The Three Realms was filled with a myriad of treasures, both tangible and intangible.

It was a place of which numerous heroic personage casted their imprint onto the framework of the Three Realms, their tales to be told by others until the passage of time. Since time immemorial, these heroic figures had astounded the Realm with their innovations, discoveries, and transformations that each brought to the three Planes.

The Yellow Emperor of the Mortal Plane, who revolutionized a mortal world from the primitive state into a massive empire capable of devouring the entire continent with ease; the Jade Emperor of the Immortal Plane who discovered a new path of immortality for mortals to endeavor in, with a greater rate of success and a lowered risk of death or fatal experience; King Qinguang of the Demon Plane who determined the generic lifespan of mortals in the Mortal Plane, as well as inciting many to expend their lifespan to discover new and interesting innovations for others to enjoy…

The Three Realms was filled to the brim with these heroic figures, and the number continued to increase without any intention of halting.

Nonetheless, amongst the infinite sea of memorable and interesting tales, there existed a long-spoken legend that many were privy to, but none dared to refute or challenge.

Before the Yellow Emperor of the Mortal Plane responsible for mortals to convene and interact as a larger societal unit; before the Jade Emperor of the Immortal Plane who introduced an incessant swarm of mortals-turned-immortals that plagued the female immortal population with endless proposals, fights, and lascivious gazes; before King Qinguang of the Demon Plane who introduced each and every immortal to possess a sadistic nature regarding the treatment of mortals, there existed eight figures who stood at the forefront of time.

Eight Ancestors who were to first beings of the Three Realms.

These figures had witnessed the literal birth of the Three Realms, as well as the division into the Immortal, Mortal, and Demon Planes and the grave, forbidden secret hidden underneath. The figures of legend were the progenitors of the various factions, techniques, ideologies, and even the cultivation of all three Planes.

Five Ancestors oversaw the manipulation and proliferation of the elements, whilst the other three's purpose was completely hidden from the Three Realms' various methods of investigation.

They had endeavored for millions of years with both the Immortal and Demon Planes uniting their forces to create a joint investigative effort, but to no avail.

The existence of these Ancestors was surebound to exist, for a simple retracing of the ancestry of their faction, cultivation or martial arts technique, or ideologies revealed certain incongruities that could only be explained by the presence of supreme figures beyond the reign of the current leaders of the Three Realms.

However, they knew not their names, appearances, or even specialties other than the basic information that five Ancestors of eight represented the five primitive elements of the Three Realms.

Fire, earth, water, metal, and wind.

According to the legend, these Ancestors were the first to discover these primitive elements since the creation of the Three Realms, and had obtained complete authority of their manipulation before they passed it down to their descendants.

Furthermore, all further innovation in discovering secondary methods of manipulating these primitive elements to achieve different effects were rumored to have received influence from these legendary figures – though nobody possessed a clue regarding who they were, or even how.

But they did know one rumor… a rumor that was so prolific and astounding to be even labeled as mere gossip.

In the Immortal Realm, a new heroic figure had made their presence amongst the infinite sea of tales and interesting legends. The unfortunate and tragic nature regarding this heroic figure was that his popularity and fame had not risen as a consequence of his efforts, but by someone else's meddling.

"Have you heard of the new immortal, Shang Xuan?"

If such a question was to be raised in any random pub, be it within the Immortal Plane or the Demon Plane, the respective denizens could only provide a single answer.

Upon receiving the question, all immortals and demons would raise their cups to the skies, their countenances beaming with schadenfreude and respect as they echoed in a loud voice.

"Why, yes! Who else can it be but Shang Xuan to be pursued by the Jade Emperor's daughter seeking his hand in marriage?"

…and other than mocking the poor immortal's future and present reputation in their hearts and mouths whilst giving him a respectful toast, what other action should they commence?

Surely not, assist the man!?



In the Heavenly Courts, a resounding roar echoed throughout the Palace of Jade, filled with an unsurpassable wrath and malicious intent. Hearing such an angered shout, the maidservants employed within the palace as well as those preparing to attend the day's Heavenly Court assembly paused, their eardrums ringing in pain.

Just who was that daring to yell towards the Jade Emperor's face without any regard for his identity?

That was the Jade Emperor, the individual who was responsible for such a monumental change –

"Yes, yes, this one is aware that you are extraordinarily grieved," the Jade Emperor's countenance beamed with a pleased but subservient smile as he rose from his throne of mutton jade to dip into a low bow.

"Esteemed Lord Flame Ancestor, you don't need to be so ashamed to come marching to this lowly one's humble abode!"

Within the expansive royal throne hall of the Palace of Jade, there stood two people. One was standing at before the throne, but his head was dipped into a sore bow towards the other.

On the opposite side of the Jade Emperor, stood a youth wreathed in a long robe of fire.

The outer coat was of a solid silk of azure flame, whilst the sash and inner weaving was of a golden flame, with the pants consisting of white flames…

The flames emanating from the youth's body had solidified and condensed into a comfortable robe of which the sensation was not unlike that of the highest purity of silk – a feat impossible to achieve by even a Supreme Immortal that was the Jade Emperor.

Furthermore, the peculiar circumstances of the flames seemed to have removed the concept of a fire and replaced it with that of silk, though the primordial root remained intact. As the youth moved his arms, the metallic clinking of chains could be heard, even though the accessories themselves were similarly constructed solely from fire.

Since not even the Jade Emperor could replicate a feat with jade, then the youth standing before him…

…could only be the Flame Ancestor.

"You're ashamed that I'm trashing your location, and you're aware of my grievance!?"

The Flame Ancestor roared as he jabbed his finger towards the Jade Emperor, his countenance warped with shame and anger. The youth swept his hand around, and the treasured jade artifacts housed within the throne hall caught onto fire, incinerated to ashes within a few seconds.

The Jade Emperor grimaced in pain as he watched his pride vanish from a single swipe of a youth's arm, but he couldn't find the courage within himself to voice his dissatisfaction. As his head dipped even lower, the ruler of the Heavenly Courts wished he could find a hole and dig himself into it.

…not like the Flame Ancestor was going to release him from a thrashing anytime soon.

"I'm ashamed that I even have to come here!" the youth shouted as he continued to berate the illustrious figure praised and worshipped by many.

"With my identity, I only have to enjoy my silent life and that's it. But you! You, you, you, and your stupid daughter!"

In the Three Realms, marriage was a sacred unification of two souls under a holy oath, with the intention to never separate regardless of the circumstances.

Except for the Mortal Plane who had unexpectedly devised the ingenious concept of a divorce, the Immortal and Demon Planes established strict and unavoidable laws that prevented any party from divorcing their partner after a marriage had been established. Thus, the undying freaks of the two Planes continued to accumulate their harems with impunity, unlike that of the mortal emperors who feared for their lives once their number of wives exceeded one.

Ahem, the immortals were not that lascivious, for their wives were equally lethal in combat prowess.

As long as it was approved by the Tianjun Court that oversaw the Three Realm's daily matters and the Tianzun Imperial Court did not find any fault in the act, an immortal could marry others regardless of differences in status, authority, or attainment in cultivation.

Given that the sentiment of affection between the two parties, nobody within the Three Realms would raise any dissent towards the married couple once the establishment was complete.

But… a marriage between an Ancestor of at least a few dozen billion years, and a young immortal lass who had yet to celebrate her hundredth birthday…

Who would believe the possibility of such an event?

Not even the Flame Ancestor himself could believe it, ah.

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