1 Entering Reality

Ben grew up without a care in the world, he had a family who loved him, a slight asshole of a brother, and the best god one could ever hope for. After the 3rd grade, Ben started going to a private school and has been there ever since. In middle school he had the best of friends, a crew per say, but that all changed when he entered high school. Ben realized that people always wanted something from you and could not be trusted, so he drifted apart for his friends and became cold. He then delved into the realm of YouTube and books. He loved that places that he could travel in the confines of his home and began to fantasize what it would be like to live in a realm with magic.

It was 10th grade when the first announcement of Reality came into existence and he became ecstatic, He had read about similar games in books and now became fixated on joining in on the action. The next announcement came out the next year, but this time it stated that preorders of the virtual reality system and the game would be available the instant the announcement became life, so Ben bought the entire package, both VR system, and Realty. It cost him $3000 just for the VR system and a two-month subscription to the game, but in his mind, it was well worth it. He could finally enter a world of magic.

After he ordered the package he said that it would arrive at his house Jun 7, 2030. This coincidentally aligned with the date of his prom the next year, but this issue was inconsequential to him because he didn't plan on going to prom anyway, it's not like Ben could get a date even if he wanted to. Ben then had to wait over a year to get the game that he had been dreaming about ever since he entered high school and became antisocial.

A year had passed since he pre-ordered Reality and it was finally the 7th of June, the day he could finally enter a new world, so he had to think of a plan for the game. Ben knew that he had no aptitude for any sort of physical confrontation or crafting of any sort, so this left him with one option, a mage. Ben had read enough to know that one should not start just running into the game and kill things, he had to first build up his knowledge of how spells worked in order to optimize his chances of being a powerful entity in the game.

Ben woke up at 8 am to make sure that he was away for the delivery service to install his VR rig. The rig was a massive cylindrical futuristic looking tube with a door in the front and cable exit out the back. Ben just calls it the rig because he doesn't care to remember the actual name of the thing.


At 9 am sharp I heard the doorbell ring and I bolted downstairs in order to receive the delivery man.

I opened the door and the delivery man said, in a tired voice, "Are you ben"

"Yes, I am," I responded

"Ok, where would you like the rig?"

"Oh, up in my room, please. Ill lead the way there."

"Of course sir." The delivery man went back to his truck and with the assistance of his friend, they followed him into his room. Then rig hit the grown with a thud, but no other sound came out, which surprised Ben, he expected some other noise as well.

As the delivery man was connecting the power and internet connections to the rig. I began to grow excited at the world that I was about to set into, a world manly unexplored and ten times the area of the earth. It was a massive game, the worlds first. Reality was said to be just like actual reality, so lifelike that you couldn't tell the difference. While all of these thoughts were going through my head the delivery man finished up what he was doing and left. It was just me in the room and I then step foot into the rig and closed my eyes to enter Reality

The first thing a say was black, then a fanfare for sound erupted around me. Trumpets blazed, it sounded like a medieval welcoming of royalty. A magnificent scene then began to play out before me, the general history of the world of Reality. A story of how the first god, Fakt, came into being and because to create a perfect world to reside in, but while making Reality he decided that he needed rules to govern the world that he lives in. They were split into the physical: earth, water, fire, air, light, and dark and the mental: soul, body, mind, force, matter, and time. All of the forces balance each other out, and each rule then produced an embodiment of themselves in the world of Reality. Earth went to Erd. Water to Vaser. Fire to Fayer. Air to Luft. Light to Daw. Dark to Dak. Soul to Nash. Body to Vald. Mind to Okan. Force to Kraf. Matter to Taki. Time to Kos.

Once these rules were in place more creatures started to spawn upon the world, and then the first sentients were created. The humans adapt at adapting, they can develop onto any path they so desire. The elves gained the ability to be more attuned to rules of the world. The dwarves, craftsmen by nature, they have a body attuned to rules themselves. They can use rules to either strengthen their bodies or put them into their crafts. The beast-kin developed to have the rules highten there senses to unpresidented levels. These four races became the core races of power in the world of Reality. There were also races born from the rules themselves.

I saw the various races developed over the next countless amounts of years. Until one day the first god, Fakt, disappeared. He appeared content with his creation, and his reappearance lapsed into forgetfulness about who the true creator of the world was. After he left he only came back one more time many many years later to announce the arrival of the chosen. The chosen were the players of Reality, but one must not speak like they are from Earth or else they will be banned from Reality.

I was in aw with the gods and their power, but confused about who Fakt really was, and how to gain the power of the rules for himself. I was just waiting to enter into Reality and begin to learn about the rules and how they worked.

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