1 Meeting Place

Dib looked at his watch and then back again at the empty hallway in the lab, wondering what was taking them so long. Dib, as a tallest, was required to check on the research of one out of six research labs on Irk at least once a month, and so this month, he chose this one. Dib had been to the other labs many times, all of them looking the same with their pristine polished tile floors and shiny smooth walls. Everything was white and shaped the same, to keep everything in order. But something was different about this lab, he didn't know what, but he could just feel the tension crawling under his skin. This was the first time anybody had ever been late in a meeting with him, let alone did he ever expect the event to happen. Dib looked at his watch once more and read ten twenty-five. "I'm going to give the lead scientist a piece of my fucking mind when they come out!" Dib thought angrily. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, a small ruby eyed Irken dressed in a white lab coat with the silkiest antennae Dib had ever seen came around the corner from the hall. "Hey you!" Dib shouted. The Irken jumped up surprised and squeaked quietly as the intimidating figure of his tallest stood before him. "Where is the lead scientist!?" Dib growled impatiently. The small Irken quickly pointed to the corner from which he had come from and started quivering as a blue eyed Irken walked around the corner. He was average sized, and had too many scars to look like he hadn't been in some sort of fight in his lifetime. "Excuse my assistant..." He mumbled quietly. He shot the ruby eyed Irken an aggressive glare and he winced back away from him. "Zim holds everyone up, I'm surprised he even got to work here." With those words Dib finally looked down to notice the small Irken cowering under him. "He must be so afraid seeing someone so tall and him being smaller than any Irken I've ever seen, he might as well be the smallest Irken existing..." Dib thought. He finally noticed how pretty Zims ruby eyes were and how they mesmerized him in a weird but longing way.