RPG: The Divine Deconstructor
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RPG: The Divine Deconstructor

A night of Green smoke

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Abyss Demon: Die! Low-level humans! Jiang Ming: Deconstruct! Turn into my materials! Enemy: Where's my weapon? Jiang Ming: Haha, they’ve all converted into materials in my inventory. The king of gaming, ‘Immovable Protector’, was plotted against in a game, his hands were maimed and his god-level gaming skills were no longer usable. He lost all his wealth, was kicked out of the guild, and wandered into the slums. Accidentally obtaining the supreme terminal of the virtual game of "Divine Land", he entered the game...

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Brothers...hear me far and wide, this was no accident, THIS IS SPA- Fate?


So you telling me that the mc actually lost ALL OF HIS MONEY like how don't you at least have some secret money or some money in the bank or invested in something that can give you money because you are a pro gamer and you cant expect to be at the peak forever and should have a back up plan just in case you absolute toad


This story is pretty painful to read. Just the intro with the betting everything is painful to read. The story is also so painfully Chinese it actually hurts my eyes, it almost feels like a mockery of Chinese culture so it just makes me confused The translation is meh, I have to do double takes more than I like The Mc is pretty dumb and has the classic annoying Chinese mc tropes The world is incredibly generic even by light novel standards


First! (Will alter review after reading if needed) Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!


The MC is such trash, it hurts my soul to read it. 1. bets all of his money on himself (ALL MONEY LIKE WTF NO FAILSAFE NOTHING) 2. even if poor to have 0 confidence in yourself as a human being and give up on the person you loved (even though you clearly have a chance) for 3!!! years not even the guts to call like wtf 3. thats it you get back to game world and happy go lucky you get back your confidence but your love is already broken because you are just a scum that has no balls and needs massive achievements to express any feelings to someone because that is chinese culture and all


Honestly kind of feels like Divine Monster Transmuter. dndjdjdjdjdjjjdjhrudjruduuddjdjfjffjjfjfjfjffjffjfjfjfjfjffjfjfjjfjfjfjffjfjfkfjjfkfjf


Both book by the authors has a good premise, but have been so poorly executed you want to puke. It really is a shame for a good idea. MC is retarded, but the world is much more retarded to highlight his amazingness. Early is not so bad. As you usually cant expect much deep plot in webnovel. But in ch. 30 ish. He log into the game which require him to be unconscious in a possible enemy's car. For no fking urgency whatsoever. He went that far just to show how retarded he is to the reader. dropped. Translator did a good work though. But its better to pick another title.


I sinCerely believe that this is rather a very Decenttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...............


Chinese name: 网游之神级分解师 Chapters: 746 (should be completed) Words: 6.34 million words Last Updated : 2016-12-18 word count word count word count


i do not know what happen. why this novel is beingvtaken down from trial read and till now i still do not get any refund from webnovel. the rating for this novel is 4.2 but being taken down and the choosen one is getting worse. some 3.6 or less than 4 rating being choosen. wow....


Reveal spoiler


Giving it a five since I like story. 😜😜😜. I read it for a day and it sucks that it stopped updating a month ago. The plot is interesting and I enjoyed it very much!


honestly I love the story, I wish more of the story got continued. the whole setup and plot is amazing. totally recommend reading tho it does cur off


This is a pretty good read tbh, i hope it gets picked. It’s definitely better than other mediocre books that somehow gets picked. I would love to read beyond 60 chs






I really liked how well thought out the book is. The character design was fantastic. the progression of the story line is a perfect pase and it's just a great read overall


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It is neither good or bad. I got to chapter 60. The novel can be divided into 2 parts: the IRL and game. I will also say I usually like video game novels, so it is rather mediocre and I mean it. The game portion is okay, but not super great. Not much that separates it from other novels or makes it super great. The IRL, to put it bluntly, is just terrible (the book starts really bad because it starts with unfathomable situations in IRL). Super minor spoiler, in one of the first couple chapters there is a plane crash and he gets hit by part of the debris. Realistically he would die by being hit, and even if the hit would not kill him, the way the *thing* hit him would. The other IRL stuff is pretty dumb, fast moving, and random at best.


The Book is good but translator is bad, the translated chapters feel like the translator never played games before and many terms were wrong. Chapter 9 n 10 are the same. Much Amateur mistakes.


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