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Royals Of The Damned


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A Battle against your enemy? Personal love affairs? Protecting your family at all costs? Cursed since birth, The royal family of Greece was born with powers, and not just any, but the legends and myths about the mighty Zeus, or the wise Athena. Now at first it wasn’t much of a burden, until people discriminated, rebelled and began harsh,& dangerous conditions, that therefore led to the cursed royals to flee. Hidden in fear, the 20 siblings were forced to part different ways. But, as time flew by, they had all United together, except the descendants of Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. The siblings must work together to find there long lost beloved (other) siblings. But on there search, much unexpected happens. And all hell breaks loose, What will they do next? Will they solve there problems through war or words? Will they overcome there own fears? Found out on Royals of the Damned


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