Royal University's Perfect Nerd Book

novel - Romance

Royal University's Perfect Nerd


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Royal University. A place where anyone can be anything. Lee Jiyong's parents fell into debt when she was at an early age and raised her as a boy so that unruly debt collectors wouldnt try to sell her off. They then went into hiding in order to pay off the debt. Jiyong enrolled in Royal University with her childhood friend Kim Sejun so that she could both pay off her debt and chase down and bring the debt collectors to justice, but she has to earn money first and her method for doing so is...unusual. Kim Sejun is Lee Jiyong's childhood friend...dragged along for the ride. But at least he cares enough to join. Oh Gun is the school's hottie and rich business inheritor and he.... doesn't know why he's becoming attracted to Lee Jiyong??? Especially because not only is Jiyong a boy but "he"'s also... a major nerd who for some reason everyone seems to love...?