Ch 1 / Royal renegade 16.7%

1 Prologue

"I reckon that tyrant would stop being such a idiotic and ratchet fool that only causes trouble for our kingdom!",The queen whispered as the rest of the royals in the corridor shook their heads in agreement.

"Yeah", Marie mumbled down low but loud enough to be heard, rolling her eyes,"like if a pack of wolves got her or something."

The royals at the table began to laugh and sip from their wine glasses after they giggled.

Paul couldn't help but give a gasp of shock at their words towards his future wife.

His family turned around,looks of fear and stunning shock on each and every one of their faces.

"Uhm...Paul..",his mother,the queen began slyly,a look of taunting sympathy on her face.Say no more",Paul snapped, before stalking away from the room of royals.

Anger filled him.

Paul loved lace,of course he did!

But the worst haunting thing of all was that no matter how much he loved her,with her present actions,he couldn't disagree with them.

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