405 Going on third honeymoon.

"She will be fine, right?" Brina asked Louis as they both stared at the chopper which is about to depart.

They just bid farewell for their daughter, Esmeralda and niece, Elizebeth who will be living in the Alpha university from now on.

"She will be more than fine, honey. Our parents are there to look after here and stop overthinking. History won't repeat'' Louis whispered as he comforted her.

"Everything started in that very same University for me, Louis. How can I not worry.. especially when our daughter thinks and behaves just like me?" Brina Questioned.

"Think on the bright side, sis! You met this idiot in the university itself. Good things have happened too" Harry said as he placed his arm around Brina, successfully shooting off Louis from kissing Brina.

"Moreover, from next year most of our children will be getting enrolled in the university and they will keep an eye on each other, help and support each other" Katherine said.


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