1 Chapter 1

Did you ever wonder why Cauis is the only one volturi without special power, but everyone respect him that way. Well let me tell you his story. Hot-headed, aggressive and bad tempered Volturi king deep inside he is the loneliest one, he is the true king but if he doesn't have his queen anymore then it won't matter anymore.

"where are you mi amore? I miss you, please come back to me" blonde haired vampire whispered to himself, every vampire in this castle heard this but no one can say a word because they all think the same thing in their already stopped heart.

It's been 300 years since they last saw their queen, their amazing queen. Cassandra Volturi kind and powerful, with her mate they considered royal family of vampire kingdom. Cauis's status is higher than Aro or Marcus's. But after Cassandra's disappearance he can't be same anymore, broken king without queen.

300 years before there were black magician who wanted to destroy all magical clans, he killed many magical beings and didn't get enough, Cassandra started to worry and decided to go find him. No one can touch her people. One rainy night she run to the dark woods with her great speed, only her mate Cauis know about her absence. She promised to him that she will come back, but next morning she didn't come back.

That magician mesmerized by her beauty and proposed her, but in her heart only one can be fit there. She fought with that magician and when he died he made his last spell, with this two of them disappeared from this world.

Cauis felt pain in his chest and knew something happened to his mate, it wasn't that unbearable like Marcus's pain but it was still mate bond. They searched all around the world but didn't find her. But she is still alive, it was the only hope for Cauis.

It was still same day to Cauis, but this morning he felt some feelings in his chest like fire in his heart started burning more fiercely. He has only one thought 'She is awakening'.

In that moment on the other side of world Rene gave birth of two little girl one looks fragile and little and other one looks pretty and strong. Their looks were too different to be twins, brunette one started crying while blonde one keep observing surroundings. Charlie rushed inside and saw his wife holding 2 little figure and couldn't help but tears fall down from his eyes. Blonde girl smiled to him, her smile was unique and outstanding, he chuckled and hugged his family. Bella Swan and Cassy Swan.

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