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Zoey McAuthor

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Human looking creatures known as the Malien invaded the earth three hundred years ago after the mysterious pandemic called the COVID-19. War broke out between humans and the Malien, for years countless lives were lost from both sides until a man; half human and half Malien, intervened and brought peace to the world creating a place where humans and Malien could co-exist. Only for decades later, a mysterious girl joins the threat that's against humans and Malien co-existing. This girl has seen the world through the eyes of an enraged mad man. The girl who plans on covering the ground in blood and fill the wind with screams of her victims. "Every one has their own way of been free, been independent. It's just that my way involves bloody dead bodies and ear bleeding screams" I said holding the gun with grace like I have done for a long time now, He stands there looking at me like I told him he was adopted "You're mad!" he screamed on the verge of crying, I smiled "any last words?" I asked titling my head but never removing my emotionless gaze from his frightened face "No! I don't want die! I want to-" and I pulled the trigger ignoring his pleas. "What I want is simple. I want to kill those who hurt me and those I care about. I want them to feel pain like no other. Think whatever you want, it will not change a thing. I'm not the bad guy nor am I the good guy. I'm just the guy" Join her as she tells you her story, shows you each and every scar and bruise underneath her armor, and drags you in her world of vengeance where she's the player and everyone are her pawns. "Check mate...I win"