Rose Golden (BL) Book

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Rose Golden (BL)


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Dae-Hyun is an optimistic, hard working high school student who is always at the top of his class and wants to get into a good university. He just so happens to attend a school that is run by a group of popular, rich, handsome men named Seo-Jun, Do-Yun, and Ji-Hoon who all come from elite backgrounds. There’s a tradition amongst them where they put a single red rose into the locker of a girl they want to date. But the rare Rose Golden coloured flower is given by Seo-Jun, the leader of the group. Dae-Hyun doesn't pay any mind to this tradition as he thinks the boys are spoiled, privileged and he has more important things to deal with. That is until one day he receives a Rose Golden flower in his locker.


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