Rose Academy

Author: Myfoxbre99
Fantasy Romance
Ongoing · 4.9K Views
  • 3 Chs
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What is Rose Academy

Read ‘Rose Academy’ Online for Free, written by the author Myfoxbre99, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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WARNING: NOVEL HAS MATURE CONTENT. IF YOU'RE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH DETAILED SEX SCENES PLEASE DON'T READ OR YOU CAN JUST SKIP IT. Ru Shi was cheated on by her fiancé three days to their wedding. In order not to waste the money she painstakingly earned to book a flight to Paris for the honeymoon she decided to go alone and swore that she would come back as a no virgin. Li Mu Chang the CEO of Li corps was left alone by his fiancé two years ago, to forget about her he immersed himself in work to take the company to new heights. Now he's tired of waiting for her, he needs to relax and get laid. What happens when he meets her, the shy virgin who has zero knowledge about sex? Would he be able to seduce her and make her addicted and maybe fall for him? What happens when his fiancé comes back wanting him back?? "Don't mistake me for a gentleman, kitten. Just because I stopped when you asked me to, it doesn't mean I won't fuck your sweet brains out." her heart stopped. Mu change closed the distance between them, suddenly pushing her back against the counter. She gasped as he thrust his hips against her. she could feel him, hard and thick through his jeans. "You feel that?" he growled, under his breath. "That's all for you, baby. But you're not ready yet, are you? And I want you ready." He leans in closer, she was caught in his gaze. He trailed one finger down her neck. A whimper slipped from her lips. Mu chang's mouth curled in a devastating smile. "When I take you, you'll be wet, and naked, and begging for me." Her legs gave way, and she sank back against the counter. "When you say 'yes' to me, you'll be screaming. Begging me to fuck you," Mu Chang smiled, his eyes never leaving hers. "And I promise you, kitten. When the day comes, I won't hold back. I won't be sweet, or gentle, or gallant. I'll fuck you senseless in every way and I won't stop until you come out of your damn mind." Her head was still spinning when he leaned in and captures her mouth in a blazing kiss. His words were rough and shocking, but this kiss was the opposite: hot and slow and deep. He took his time, leisurely, his tongue probing deep between her lips, claiming everything, tasting all of her. It was a promise. NOTE: MY BOOK IS LOCKED FROM 58 BECAUSE IS NOT LONG LIKE SOME BOOK WITH 500CHAPTERS Update: twice a day cover: is made by valerix you check her book(A VOW SO BEAUTIFUL) **** credit to those authors whose ideas I use for some of my sex scenes during research!!! THIS BOOK IS DIFFERENT FROM MOST OF THE BETRAYAL BOOKS HERE. I HOPE YOU CAN GIVE IT A CHANCE. AND DON'T JUDGE IT QUICKLY BECAUSE OF THE SEX SCENES. THANK YOU join our discord server for announcements and one to one chat with the author. https://discord.gg/D9G3Y7a

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