1 Day one

It was the first day of another new school and of course julia was not excited because she knew it would not be easy making friends.

Finally julia had enrolled and got her schedule and it had 8 classes in total.

As the day passed slowly most of the other students were pretty nice to her but she still had one more class to go to when she couldn't find it so she asked a fellow student near by as she said " Excuse-me do you know where to find room A109" but he simply just ran and screamed, but she soon found it at the end of the hall where the light oddly flickered.

Julia went up the the door and it opened and at the old door there stood a tall, half bald, wide black eyed old man staring directly in her eyes and it felt like he was dreaning her soul right out of her intill she got the courage to look away and say "H-Hello m-m-my n-name is julia i-i am new a-and are you Mr.Nosrep retae? "Yes come in.