1 Open Window

Muna is 7 year's old girl. She is staying in the table and slow breeze from open window is blowing her thin hair. She thought to close the window for a while because the pages were flickerin . Suddenly , she saw a pigeon was sneaking in her room through that thin curtain. The pigeon entered in the room after a long stare. But soon after that pigeon flew away. Muna wanted to be friend with pigeon .So she bought some grain and left in her table. But the pigeon only kept staring from outside window. This was not obviously fairytale that the pigeon would be singing for Muna . She felt little sad .Poor little girl couldn't feed. So , she thought of feeding them. Nowdays, Muna wakes up early in morning and goes in the roof top , then spill the grain and rice in the floor and lot of pigeon come to eat the grain. Muna is very happy now.