Romantic Ice cube Book

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Romantic Ice cube


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There was a city called Women City where the kingdom was lead by women.It was very mysterious city where no spy from other cities could go in . Ye Hua is the 6th princess among the 7 princess who is genius in medicine and poison. Outside-very obedient Inside-2 faces, cunning , don't care anything Long Junye is the 7th prince and great general of Great Long that is the most powerful kingdom among the 5 mainland Kingdoms. He only needs one word to describe him-Icecube which frost everything around him. Ye Hua : This Icecube Mr.....how about you go back with me as my wife.I will be very good to you. Icecube : Sure. Ye Hua : ............. Icecube : What ? You don't want? He asked with his puppy eyes. Ye Hua : ............ ( How can he more actor than me?)