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Romancing Moon


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Amaris is your average seventeen-year-old high school student. Raised in an orphanage, despite the odds, she turns out to be a delightful girl. Her cheerful personality can easily lift anyone's spirit. In her high school to a certain bad boy, 'she shines like a moon'. Everything was going well until one day when she comes face to face with her nemesis and ends up becoming the morning news. Months later she is back to her high school with a new identity. Gone is the sweet girl who laughed easily and lived with her heart on her sleeves. In her place is now a vengeful girl who wants answers and most importantly revenge. What happened to her? Who killed her? How did she end up in a new body, literally? Lastly, what happened to the bad boy who smiled only for her? Will she ever discover the truth behind it all or once again history would repeat itself? Will she lose herself on the path to revenge or be saved by the charms of the bad boy?


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