1 Just a Dream- Chen Xiao Xi

"Chen Xiao Xi." Lu Rian called.

I struggled with the large pile of files. They all require Lu Rian's signature.

I didn't know that these files were so heavy. As I entered into his office, I stumbled upon the bunch of wires. Due to the following the files got scattered and few of them fell on him.

"I'm sorry CEO Han." I was petrified. I have been working for him past twelve years. Hence, I know his anger. Last week itself he fired 14 employees.

Afterall, he is Han Lu Rian. The CEO of Han Jing & Co. And the heir of Han family. If you live in W State, probably whatever you use is manufactured by Lu Rian's company. And I have been working as his secretary for 12 long years.

"Xiao Xi." Lu Rian caught my wrists as I tried to arrange the fallen files. The intensity of his gaze made me feel dizzy. For moments I got lost into his eyes.

"Are you hurt?" It took me a minute to process what he said. He repeated again. "Xiao Xi, are you hurt?" He furrowed his brows, showing genuine concern. "Huh? Uhm no." I felt my cheeks to heat up.

"Let me see." Before I could answer, out of nowhere he scooped me out of the floor and made me sit down on the couch.

He carefully touched my ankles as he closely inspected. "Ouch." I shrieked as touched my left ankle. "As I suspected, you did twist your ankle." His face not farther than few centimeters.

"Mr. Han is Secretary Chen there with you?" Suddenly the marketing department head Ming Tai entered. Seeing us in such a position he yelped. "Am… Am I not disturbing you?"

"Mr. Ming you misunderstood." I stood. "Actually I, Aaaah." I cried. "Are you okay Secretary Chen?" Ming Tai rushed towards me only to be stopped by Lu Rian.

"Ms. Chen twisted her ankle while bringing this many files. These files belong to whose department?" In the last sentence Lu Rian practically growled. "Mr. Hu… those belong… to my department." Ming Tai looked terrified. He became pale.

"He did ask me if I needed help." I interjected. "I thought I could do it by myself."

Lu Rian turned towards me. "You almost broke your leg." "I am fine. Mr. Ming, was there anything important you had to tell?"

"Ah Secretary Chen, I was here to inform you about the meeting. You don't need to come since you are hurt. It's a general meeting, not much important."

He courteously thanked and went back.

"That was… exhausting." I sighed. "What do you mean by exhausting? Is being my fiancée is grueling Xiao Xi?" Lu Rian sounded angry.

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"Am I your fiancée?" I was surprised. "Yes, and we are going to announce it today." He neared his face close to me.

I grew nervous as his face was just few millimeters away. Slowly he caressed my face. Gradually his lips touched mine. Playfully he bit my lower lip. I moaned.


I woke. Was is a dream.

No, it wasn't just a dream. It's been six years since that day. But it still feels like yesterday. "Morning love." Lu Rian kissed my forehead. "Did you saw something in your dream?" He asked noticing me blushing like a fool. "The usual. I saw you. I saw us." I tugged him towards me playfully.

"Mom… dad, what are you all talking about?" Our five-year-old daughter, Xing Jing asked. "A fairy tale where the king got his queen." I picked her up.