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chap. 1

Princess Amalia Lovelace.




<< Princess I need you to join us >> said that man with a great body, maybe 30 or 27 years old, name? I am not interested, all I have to know is that I have to obey him or I will be taken by force and that would be something very embarrassing for me or rather for the kingdom since I am a lady I must behave properly, be a toy of this damn society and besides that to bear the rules imposed by this very being a little glass doll that must be kept untouched by any man is my wedding, after getting married become my husband's sex slave and keep my mouth shut to survive

I got up from my chair when I felt the penetrating gaze of this man towards my cleavage, I knew that this damn society only looks at the body, but except for men, women are the focal point of society

<<were>> feeling so disgusted to formulate these words for that man, I followed him and went inside to the palace, right to the meeting room

First I must present myself properly My name is Amalia Lovelace, I am currently 19 years old, I am the princess of Albania, a Kingdom in the Ostrucret mountains, my biological father is not the King but his brother, when my father passed away his wife welcomed me like her daughter, she could not give birth to the heirs due to health problems when she died, the King remarried a lady her name is Rochelle da verger she gave birth to two children of the King but still living in the Castle itself we do not know each other since the ladies and gentlemen are separated both by class and by gender.

I arrived at the castle when I was about 5 years old, my uncle treated me very well but his wife she, raised me as her daughter until I was 8 since she passed away thanks to her illness, my aunt taught me that a lady has to do what is possible to survive in this society and that entails sacrifices as an example I will put my future marriage with whom is it? I do not lose that, the only thing that should matter to me is that I have to marry and give him heirs so that they inherit the throne since I am going to marry to inherit my father's throne

<< Princess, we are here >> said the man giving a small bow as a sign of respect, haha what respect if you looked at me before wanting to take off my clothes, unacceptable

<< Thank you, gentleman,>> I almost laughed saying those words << But tell me what the King needs me for >> the man just denied and left, soon the doors were opened giving notice that I had arrived

I genuflected << Majesty >>

<< you do not have to address me so formally, there is no need to even bow or call me majesty tell me, Father, I hate when my girl addresses me as majesty >> he smiled

<< Father if I don't do it how I have to show my respect to Father I will become a lazy woman and my husband will not love me >> I returned the gesture

<< That is true, but you knew me before I became King, also for that of marriage I called you >> I take a breath waiting for my answer

<< I imagined it Father >>

<< If that ... well how do you know the estimated date for you to get married is when you turn 21, but the King of Silvester wants to advance this date to within a year >>

<< I'll barely get to know him, but it's not enough time for us to get to know each other properly >>

<< Lose, but this alliance is important, daughter understands if you do not marry the second prince we will lose protection and also you will not be able to inherit the kingdom >>

<< I accept if I order majesty, I will marry >> I bowed a little

<< that cheers up my old heart a little dear >> she smiled placing her hand on her chest close to her heart and giving light massages

<< But father, when will I meet him? >> I said with evident doubt, it must not be that I will meet him the same day of the wedding that would be a lack of respect towards the marriage protocol imposed by society

<< Oh as soon as possible, we don't want rumors, it would be disastrous for the real image, don't you think so daughter?

<< If after all the image is everything >>

<< Exactly >> I formulate with a victorious smile