1 rookies

The world has changed in the last few years.There is a lot more hate than love.But I want to change that, and make our city a better place.Eversince I was little I wanted to be a cop, to help people and rogue bots.So I joined the LAPD.for months I got normal crooks like gang members and theifs, but years later things got serious.Riots against "bilevers" people who could connect with the rogue code in side of rogue bots, giving them both enhanced abilities-it got to the point we're the CGA used it's resources and started to infiltrate homes and take bilevers and their rogue bot partner's prisoner. Those who retaliated.Were killed on site.Before more attacks like this happened I was responsible for keeping things like that out of LA.But when Boston was hit.That was the last straw less than a month later. the "mechana" revolution began.Not many people know what happened first hand before the revolution.But my partner and I do.this is my story.Before I became commander.before It all unfolded.