11 Mitsuki gets Jumped!


(The Third Hokage)

As I sat in my office and tapped my pen on my desk in boredom. I stared off into the distance before casually grabbing my crystal ball. Being Hokage is pretty repetitive with all this paper work and I just wanted to see what Naruto was up too.

'His pranks do make this village pretty lively. Better than constantly worrying about connections with other villages.'

Willing the crystal ball to view where Naruto was. I raised an eyebrow before casually picking my pipe up from the desk. It seemed the young one was sneaking in through one of the Academy's side doors.

'Just what is this brat up to now?' I questioned as I watched him walk down a familiar set of hallways. 'Graduation has just passed over and Naruto has failed. Does he perhaps want to pull off his greatest prank to date before leaving the Academy?'

But my expression soon changed into full seriousness as he stopped in front of the room which held the Forbidden Scrolls. Naruto had then carefully entered the room and stopped directly in front of the podium which held the Scrolls.

'This is an S-Rank secret? How does Naruto of all people know about it?' I asked myself as he casually removed the Scroll from its podium. Immediately, a blast of chakra came from a certain object inside of my office. That object was my alarm in case someone grabbed the scrolls.

I then watched Naruto quickly exit the building before scratching his head in thought. And as if he suddenly remembered something, he pointed in a certain direction before running off.

'Well he's off.... not that I really mind. I already have a tracking seal on the scrolls. I also have a seal capable of destroying the scroll when it passes a certain distance away from Konoha.' Stroking my beard, I turned my chair before looking at the moon. 'I'm interested to see if Naruto had a accomplice. Is it perhaps Mizuki? I've gotten countless records of him betraying his comrades.'

Since he was apart of the teaching staff of the Academy, I already had some information on him. I had secretly placed Anbu to protect and spy on all the teachers. After all, having a traitor teach our future ninja is a mistake the Leaf cannot have.

Countless reports about him hanging around Naruto have been made. His teaching methods for Naruto have been.... questionable... to say the least. He had given the young one improper guidance on how to train chakra control. And with the fox inside of Naruto, it's led to his failure in the Academy.

'Personally, having Naruto graduate isn't something the village would need. Risking the Nine Tails is a huge threat to our power over other villages.' I thought while taking a huff of smoke. 'So that's why I let Mizuki 'teach' Naruto while the Anbu slowly dug up dirt on him.'

The Anbu had reported to me of Mitsuki having a secret conversation with Naruto. The very next day, Iruka came to me while being worried about Naruto.

Pushing myself up from the chair, I made my way towards the exit of my office. And with another intake of smoke, I opened the doors to my office.

'Now would be a good time to alert all my Anbu.'


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Swinging my legs back and forth from the branches of a tree, I casually stared at an abandoned shack. While training Soru, I had become too focused and managed to find myself lost in the outskirts of Konoha. How I did it... I don't know even know myself....

But while lost, I managed to find this broken down thing and wrote its location down in one of the journals in my room. Many other ideas for taijutsu and theories are written in them. Even skills with theories of how they work from other anime are written in them. The language is of course in my home worlds tongue so nobody should be able to read them.

Gently tugging on the sides of a leaf, I calmly watched as Naruto arrived and began to look through the Scrolls. I almost wanted to chuckle at his confused expression as he viewed the many complicated and forbidden Jutsu inside it. But I held it in as he had finally found the jutsu which would shape his direction as a Shinobi.

Honestly, Naruto's dedication surprised me as he practiced the jutsu almost a thousand times in total before successfully making multiple exact clones of himself. But after his success, he tiredly sat down as the figure of Iruka unknowingly appeared before him.

As I was a good distance away from them, I could barely make out their conversation. Not that I was interested in the first place; I just wanted to see the birth of 'ninja Jesus'. And after a brief and crushing reprimand from Iruka, a few leaves in a tree rustled.

Through said leaves came a flurry to kunai and shuriken. Iruka noticing this quickly deflected the deadly ones making it out of the flurry with only a couple grazes. This was when Mizuki made his appearance and revealed the 'shocking' fact of Naruto having the nine tails sealed inside him.

Naruto hearing the 'shocking secret' grew confused and ran off much to Iruka's dismay. Iruka in anger turned to battle Mizuki only to notice that he was already gone. I also had jumped off my branch leaving a gentle gust of wind as I used Soru to follow the two.

Mitsuki soon caught up to Naruto under my gaze and transformed into Iruka. Naruto who was sensitive to people's emotions and quirks due to his childhood saw through the facade and planted a solid kick to Mizuki's liver. This ended up in Mizuki ending up on the ground of the forest holding his sides in pain as he looked at Naruto with suprise.

'Glad to see the taijutsu I drilled into him wasn't lost.' I thought with a smile as I thought back to the 'light' training I put the brat through. Mizuki on the other hand was absolutely livid at the prospect of being one upped by a failure of an academy student.

So in his anger, he threw a giant demon shuriken at Naruto with the intent to kill. Calmly, I watched as the large shuriken closed in on Naruto. The reason why I was so calm was because I noticed Iruka already using body flicker to get in front of it.

'Here comes the good part' I thought with a smile as Naruto put his hands together. Immediately, a massive gust of chakra appeared as many of Naruto's clones appeared in the trees surrounding Mizuki.

I even had to wipe the sweat off my forehead as I had to use Soru to quickly escape the clones line of sight. But even though I had left the scene, I could still hear a ear splitting scream appear through the night.


Immediately after that scream, countless sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed through the forest. The ground even vibrated a bit under the synchronized hits of the clones.

After the countless rain of punches had come to an end, a ton of mist came and left in an instant. Seeing this, I used Soru to quickly make myself back to Naruto and shuddered as I saw the state of Mizuki.

Mizuki's clothes where torn off leaving only his underwear. He had deep purple bruises going down his whole body. His eyes where tightly shut and his breathing looked to be extremely eratic due to his chest movement. Many of his missing bloody teeth could be seen on the ground near him. One of his legs was actually bent in an L shape at the knee. He was also twitching from a probable concussion.

"Wow, The kid did a number on Mizuki now didn't he?" An old mans voice came from beside me causing me to jump from the tree in shock. But before I could fall off; his hand grabbed me by the collar. "Now don't be impatient Lee. Let the Sensei and his student have a moment now."

Still sweating buckets at the potential loom of death above me; I swallowed nervously as I watched Naruto and Iruka share a heartwarming scene. The old voice behind me then began to chuckle. "Yeesh kid, can't you tell it's your Gramps by now?"

Unconsciously, my body relaxed at Hiruzens words. Only a chosen few can get past my current physical senses. Those that I know are Guy, Kakashi, Itachi, and any one at the level of Elite-Jonin and above. The only man also has that crystal ball which he uses to watch Naruto.

"Good you're calm." He said with a mixed tone as he pulled me up to sit down beside him. I then noticed a blank expression from the Hokage. "Have you heard anything interesting tonight? Something perhaps.... about a fox?"

Noticing the direction of this conversation, I just decided to tell the truth. I believe that my relationship with Naruto and the Old man SHOULD prevent a memory erase and scan. "About Naruto protecting the village by holding the Nine Tails inside himself?" Ok.... Listen.... some EXTRA stuff always helps now and then.

Hearing my terms and positive outlook towards Naruto; he stared at me with the same unblinking and uncomfortable expression. And after a few seconds, he visibly sighed as he returned to his normal persona.

"Just don't spread this around and we'll be fine. Knowing you, you'll be too focused on training. I also trust that your smart enough to realize the importance of keeping this secret right?"

Nodding, he smiled as he pulled out his signature pipe and began to smoke. And as he let out a long exhale of smoke, he moved the pipe towards me suggestively. "You want to try? It makes the stress go away."

"Uh...." looking at the pipe, I slowly pushed his hand away with a tight smile. "I'm not one for smoking Gramps. It'll just make my body weaker."

"Haiz." Letting out a old sigh, he looked towards the moon. "I suppose you'll know how important stress relief is to someone if you live to my age. Anyways Lee, do you have any questions before I leave? I got to clean with Mizuki."

"What was the jutsu that Naruto used to beat Mizuki?" I asked causing him to raise an eyebrow towards me.

"Why are you asking about clones Lee? You can't even...." Pinching the bridge of his nose, he let out another deep sigh before staring at Mizuki's body. And with a monotone attitude, he tiredly explained what the Muti-Shadow clone technique was to me.

"They are physical clones that can touch, taste, see, hear, and smell. The clones created are able to physically attack this opponent and affect the material world. They can also transfer memories to the host which risks brain failure if there are too many clones."

"The only issues with this technique is the chakra cost and the influx of memories from the clone to host."

I then held a sadistic smile back as I stared directly in the Third Hokages eyes. "Why not use them for your paper work? And why not use them for chores and whatever?"

The mention of paper work made the Hokage freeze before he groaned in regret. Clearly upset about not using his common sense to solve something that pained him for so many years, he put his hands on his face and sat like that for a long minute.

"You can leave Lee." He said quietly much to my happiness. "I'll be sure to owe you a favor thanks to your help. Just come by sometime next week and I'll see what I can do."

"Alright Gramps...." I said slowly as I looked at his slumped figure. "Have a goodnight."



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