1 Prologue

Darkness... that's all I could see. I stepped forward and fell flat on my face. (swear warning.) "Ah shit!" I say. mother trucker dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick. I looked back at what looked like two lockers. So, that's what I fell out of, huh. Where am I? I look around. Is this an empty classroom? Where am I? who am I? wait, I'm Luka Nanami. But where am I?

I look around and go out the door. I was in a deep hallway, and then I saw a big robot/ machine thing. It's moving closer. Is that a machine gun?! fuck this! I ran down the hallway into what looked like a gym. There was a big cluster of what looked like 16 students. Wow, some of them are wearing weird clothes. clothes? I look at what I'm wearing. It was a navy shirt with a black leather jacket, a red bandanna around my neck, a pair of black yoga pants, and black sneakers. I also had a black cap.

now that I think about it, my purse feels heavy. I reached inside it and pulled out three things. a black camera,a notepad, and an iPad with the word Mono pad, written on it. I turned it on and realized it was just a student handbook. I went into the gym and tried to ignore everyone but that couldn't happen, because I  was spotted sneaking in the shadows.

"Luka!? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead or kidnapped!" A girl with brownish hair runs up to me and hugs me, crying.


who is this? Do I know her? I tried to ask who she was, but before I could ask a whole bunch of monochrome bears appeared and shouted, "Rise and Shine, Ursine!"

Luka's POV

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"I hope you all enjoyed your exploring! now its time to start the activities." Wait? what activities? exploring? we were supposed to explore before coming here? oh... I'll have to do that later. 

"phu,phu,phu. now that everyone is here. lets begin!" a mickey mouse sounding voice came from the distance. A bigger monochrome bear popped out and introduced himself as the headmaster of this place. monokuma? why does that sound familiar? He started to explain something about a killing game.

"K-killing game!?" a girl, Tenko I think, shouted. The bear started to talk about how it works, and blah, blah, blah. I wasn't really listening, I was looking at my report card and learning stuff about the other students. He disappeared, and everyone was still shocked. I think its ok to leave. But before I could, I was dragged out by that girl from earlier. We hid from the exisals, she started to panic, and I tried to calm her down, but that didn't work. Then she just passed out. (She didn't wake up till two days later.) I was bored, a I went to my dorm room.

It was normal. really nothing out of place. I even had a white board, and some books. I had a filing cabinet, and a bathroom with a bathtub, thank god!, and a shower head. Then the closet which was full of the same outfit.

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