6 Chapter 5: Emo Hats :3

I woke up to the morning announcement. Ughh, why do we have to get up so early? I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, then went to the dinning hall.

When I arrived some people looked at me. I ignored them and got some food. Then shuichi walked in and people started to gawk at him. Kokichi perked up, "you finally got rid of that emo hat! Is that because kaede died or whatever? Now we just need Luka to get rid of her emo hat!" That pissed me off, "My cap is not emo." Tenko scrowled at the purple haired boy, " hey, degenerate male! Learns some manners! "

"Only when Lucinda takes of her big emo hat." ( what's up with him and emo hats?)

Lucinda glared at him, "ok, who is ready for another class trial, because I'm about to kill him."

Let's have some fun, "we won't need a class trial if no one finds the body. I'll despose of it." I said.

Lucinda looked around, "everyone agree? Let's just all kill kokichi." Monokuma popped up and laughed.

"Phuphuphu, yes kill the child, kill him!"

" Well, now I don't want to kill him. " Lucinda pouted. I sighed, " the bear ruined it. " I then whispered, "my hat is not emo."

Lucinda then turned to kokichi, "my hat is also not emo! It is a traditional witch hat. Fight me, kokichi!"

Kokichi made a fake scared face, "no."

"What?" She asked .

"No. I'm not fighting you." He pouted . Time to tease. "He's worried.~" I teased.

Kokichi turned to me, "am not!"

"Are to."

" Not"

In an attempt to do the luny toons thing, I said, "not."

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He smirked, "okay, we agree. Now let's move on."

Damn luny toons!! Without noticing, I whispered, "cartoons are liars." I turned to Lucinda , "so, are we gonna kill ouma, or no?"

Lucinda shrugged, "Nah, if monobear wants it to happen, then no. I resent monobear, so I will do the opposite of what he says."

That seems reasonable, "meh, ok." I shrugged. Everyone was ignoring us until Lucinda said something that got my mental gears turning.

" Also, don't ask what he has done to me. I'm not convertible telling anyone right now. "

Monokuma perked up, "suuurrrre. Even though you screamed everything about your last killing games to kokichi, that's fine because he is a no one."

Lucinda glared at him, "shut up monobear! I will find a way to destroy you! Now you better hurry up and run, because I'm ready for a cat and mouse chase!"

Monokuma ran away, but before Lucinda could chase him, I stopped her. "Past killing games? Does that mean you have been in one before?" I questioned .

She stuttered, "um.... Um..... I got a monochrome bear to kill so, bye!" She then dashed off. I'm going to take that as a yes.

When I finished eating, I sighed. "I'm going back to my lab!" I declared. To my surprise, shuichi walked up to me. "Luka, wait! We have to investigate this. Maybe we can trust each other better if we reveal this."

" and why do I need to help you? You're good on your own. "

"Well, because it would be easier if we worked together."

I raised an eyebrow, "is that all?" I encouraged .

"And... You are closer to her than me, so it'll be easier to get the answers from her." He admitted .

And there it is, ugh. I sighed, "just ask kokichi. He is closer to her than me anyways."

Shuichi tried hard to convince me, "you know what he'll do. He will just tell her that I asked and not tell me the information."

I shake my head. Wow, he doesn't know kokichi at all, does he? "Man, you do not know him that well huh? I'm sure he will do it if you convinced keebo to let kokichi chase him."

Shuichi looked like a lightbulb went off in his head, "maybe. Hey, keebo!" Shuichi walked over to keebo. He probably did what I said. Whatever, not my problem. I sighed and whispered, "guys."

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Gonta. "Um, hey Luka. Gonta was wondering if you liked bugs." He said.

Eww, I hate bugs!! They are all disgusting! But I can't tell him that, so I put on a fake smile and lied. "Sure do! Anyways, I am busy so I have to go. Bye!" Then, I ran to my dorm room as fast as I could and locked the door.

Finally, peace. Maybe, if I just stay in my room, people will leave me alone, and I could be in peace. After I convinced myself that this was true, my doorbell rang.

Oh, come on!!

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