5 Chapter 4: Class Trial

I decided i'd just observe and handed shuichi my notepad, "here, you'll need it." He gave me a puzzled look  and read what was in my notepad. His eyes widened.

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I decided to stay quiet the whole trial, then they accused gonta. That made me laugh. People glared at me, "you guys really think? That gonta could throw a ball to hit rantaro, when the secret door was open and in the way? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard." I suppressed another laugh. Then shuichi agreed and explained why gonta didn't do it. I nodded along with him.

~time skip ~

Jessus, this trial is so long. Right now kaede was denying that she was the culprit. I was going to say something, when Lucinda, who has been sleeping this whole time, said, "actually, kaede shut up for a second. The evidence points towards kaede and I have all of the proof in this book. For anyone who thinks she is not guilty, this will prove you wrong." She hands shuichi a black notebook. "Now saihara, I want you to prove to everyone that kaede is the culprit, while I take a nap." Then she went to sleep.

Everyone was dumbfounded, including me. Wow, say to bust in. Shuichi looks in the notebook and his eyes widen. Then he looks at the notepad I have him. He keeps looking from one to another. "What's wrong shuichi?" Kaito asks. " t-these notes. There the exact same! " everyone, including me gasped. "Let me see that." Shuichi handed me lucinda's notebook and, sure enough, they were the same. Well I'll be damned! There is actually someone besides, me and shuichi , who is smart!

Shuichi rapped up the case and monokuma exclaimed, "it's voting time!" And himiko woke up Lucinda. "You have all voted correctly!" Monokuma exclaimed , "time to say your goodbyes!" Everyone crowded around kaede, but I stayed back, hiding my face with my cap. Everyone started crying and I started to tear up. Come on, I'm only human after all. Then, monokuma yelled through my thoughts, "it's punishment time!"

I couldn't watch as kaede was punished. I feel bad for shuichi, I think he loved her. He must be heart broken. Then we all left to our dorms.

I walked past a room where kurimi and Lucinda were. I hung outside the door. "Yep, you have a fever. Go on and rest." Kurmi encouraged. Lucinda complained but eventually fell to sleep. I went to my dorm.

Lucinda.... She seems so familiar. I just can't put my finger on what is bothering me about her. Oh well. I went to sleep and ignored the feeling that I was missing something.

Then I had a dream about me being in some group with her and a purple haired boy. "You can have him." I found myself saying those words as grief washed over me. Then I woke up in the middle of the night.

I ignored the dream and went back to sleep.

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