4 Chapter 3: It’s Investigation Time!

Monokuma appeared, "phuphuphu. Looks like someone took out poor rantaro! Now the first blood perk has been activated. Whoever killed rantaro, speak now and you get out Scot free!" No one stepped forward. "Is it you want this class trail?" He laughed. No one stepped forward. "All right then! I guess you guys got some investigating to do. Have fun! Phuphuphu." And with that he disappeared .

People started to shout and yell for the culprit to show themselves, and shuichi and some others started investigating. I want to start with alibis but before I do that, I'm going to break into rantaro's room for clues.

I am very good at lock picking. I had a good friend that taught me but I got some reason can't remember their face or name. Boom. Open says me. I look through his room. I didn't find anything. Well that was a waste of time. Alright let's investigate alibis next.

I ask everyone for their alibis, so far only two seemed off. Kaede, and tsumugi's. I went to the girl's bathroom. I didn't find anything out of the ordinary, so I left. But I still felt weird about it. Then I investigated the crime scene and noticed a ramp made of books that were connected to a vent. When I followed the vent, I ended up in the room kaeade and shuichi was in. Since I saw shuichi, I dudcted my other suspect and had only one left.

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Kaede's alibi. Sure it checks out, but the weapon was a shot put ball. So for the split second after the receiver went off and shuichi dashed out of this room. Kaede could have just rolled the ball down this vent. Is wrote all of  this down and took more pictures. There is only one thing I haven't figured out. How did rantaro end up in the exact spot the shot put ball was headed?

I went back to the library. There was a camera in front of rantaro, maybe the flash lead him here. Then It hit me.

I know the answer to this case! *ding dong, dong ding.* Monokuma announced that the class trial is to start and for us to head to the fountain place outside. Everyone was there before me, some where being dragged. (Lucinda.)

Then the entrance appeared and we all entered the elevator. It's time for the first trial.

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