3 Chapter 2: A Body Has Been Discovered!

~ time skip~

I woke up to monokubs bickering about how if we don't start killing each other, we will be dead by morning.

Ugh, my neck hurts. Wait..... Did I fall asleep in my loft couch?! I fell asleep in an unlocked room, by myself, during a killing game! How stupid can I get! I mentally slapped myself and went to the dinning hall.

I don't even care that almost every one wasn't there. Without even trying to hide i entered the room.

"Woah! Luka! You look terrible!" Kadeae said, she made everyone in their look at me. It was only himiko, kaito, shuchi , her, and me in here, so I didn't really care. "Woah.. She is right. You have a serious bed head." Himiko stated. Shuichi noded. "That's no way to take care of yourself!" Kaito exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, "whatever. Thanks for caring. But I don't." I got some food and left.

While I was walking to the game room, I noticed a bunch of people going down the stairs in a group, so I hid. I don't really know everyone who was in the group. But I know it was the majority of us. I think they are talking about a plan for the deadline.

I saw shuichi checking the basement and then rushing upstairs and then I thought a heard a flash of a camera. But then I saw shuichi and kaede rushing down the stairs to the library. I decided to follow them, and I ended up seeing something I did not want to see.

On the floor, was rantaro's lifeless body, in a pool of blood with a blood shot put ball next to him.

*ding dong, dong ding* The body discovery announcement rang but I didn't listen. I was to focused on the fact that the killing game......... Had started.

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