2 Chapter 1: Ultimate Lab

After I got something to eat at the dinning hall, I went to my room and started to write in my notepad.

~time skip ~

After a while, monokuma appeared in my room. "Hey Nanami. Your friends at hurt and unconscious. Help them!" I rolled my eyes , "no, I'm busy and I can't give anyone treatment. Drop it and find someone else. Surely I'm not the only one who has to. By the way, they are not. My. Friends." I glare at him.

He flinched, "ugh, fine. I guess I'll get the ultimate witch to help them." With that he left. Ultimate witch? Oh, yeah. Lucinda , was her name. Her picture looked familiar but I don't think it's important. With that I finished writing down notes and went to sleep.

~ Time skip ~

*ding dong, dong ding.* I woke up to the sound of monophanie complaining about blood, and monotaro congratulating us for not having anyone die last night. Ugh, I hate these bears they are so unpleasant.

I went to the dinning hall and was that I was the last to arrive. I stayed in the shadows, and ate standing in the corner. When I was finished eating, monokuma appeared before us. "Ahh!" Kaede and tenko yelled.

" please don't just appear like that! The stress is bad for my heart! " tsumugi complained. Lucinda glared at her. What's their problem?

"Sorry! I didn't mean to not scare you guys." Monokuma laughed .

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"So, you did mean to suprise us." Himiko declared.

I yawned. Some people noticed and glared, but some didn't, I mean I yawn quietly. Then monokuma told us about a motive called the first blood perk. It was a killing motive that allowed, pretty much, a freebie kill. People started to reject it and he talked about how there will be a time limit. After that he disappeared, leaving every one in shock.

Lucinda left straight after and I followed her outside the door, making sure she wouldn't notice me, then I went to the bathroom.

~a day and 2 nights later. ~

I woke up to the morning announcement and decided to skip breakfast and go wonder around. Then I stumbled upon a weird looking door with camera decoration on the door. Then monophanie appeared.

"Wow, it looks like you found your ultimate lab!"

" ultimate lab? "

"Yeah! An ultimate lab is a place modified to hone an ultimate's talent. This lab is yours! This lab doesn't lock though, and it only has one door, so there isn't much privacy. But you can enter any time! Any questions?"

" No, I got it. "

"So long, bear well." And with that she left .

I entered my ultimate lab. It wasn't that big but it was roomy. There was a loft couch, a big computer, a file cabinet, a big bookshelf full of books, and it had a microwave and mini fridge. The mini fridge was full of dr. Pepper and luchables. The big desk with the computer had a drawer full of office supplies and chips.

It was basically my dream home/office.

And for the rest of the night, I watched Netflix on the computer and slept on my loft couch.

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