Road to Laze Around
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Road to Laze Around


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What is Road to Laze Around

Road to Laze Around is a popular web novel written by the author shaeshang, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, TRANSMIGRATION, SISTERCOMPLEX, MAGICAL-REALM, TRANSMIGRATION FEMALE-LEAD, ADVENTURE-FANTASY-ROMANCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 191K readers with an average rating of 4.87/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 77 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The 26-year-old Olivia was a poor lady who did everything to survive. Every day, she wished to become rich or to have the power to control people before she retired and led a slacker life. Her life took a turn after an overdose of sleeping pills and transmigrated into her old favorite novel. Became Elizebeth; the ducal family's youngest child, she expected to lead a good life and planned to leech off on her three brothers for her entire life. She was happy until she dreamt about the future. Fallen kingdom and her miserable future. It happened again. Peace was never an option. Well, it seemed she had to step up for this one as well. Saving the kingdom and fighting for her freedom. Let’s just say she had a prior experience from her previous life. *wink.


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Pretty interesting concept! I like the insight that it gives to the lives of people of a high status. It’s also very well-written. If you’d like a story that’s fresh and unique, give this one a try!


Novel's plot unique and refreshing. Your synopsis is quite attractive too it can hook any reader quickly. There's no mistake or anything you need to improve. Keep up the great work it was nice to read your work. All the best with your future :)


Reveal spoiler


Interesting story ! Stable updates so readers aren’t waitinG too loNg for chApters ! Elizabeth is a Strong FL and love her family. Hope author will finish her stOry! Congrats on goIng premium !


This story is really nice. I really love Elizabeth... keeping to herself all her inner emotions and showing off her polite and calm character to others. just for that I really loved this book. Author you are doing well. 👍


READ IT READ IT READ IT Important things are said thrice. I am in love with Elizabeth the main lead. She is too good and all the other characters too. It is totally unjustified to try and express this story in words. I am now only 10 chapters in and my expectations have grown to a whole new level. Gonna Binge, You guys should read it too.


This is a hidden GEM! This is a work of art!!!, seriously this novel has everything, Every chapter is" PERFECT" This novel is really interesting and entertaining, I really suggest you to read this. I am patiently patiently waiting for the author to update soon !! Author, you have written such an incredible novel


As a manhua fan, this is amazing. I love everything especially Fl. Plots are fresh and refreshing. And your writing style is AMAZING! especially the beginning, It had already got me hooked. Its such a cute story, overall good job!


Fluff, cute and sweet! I love how the author began the story. The opening sentences were relatable. Lol. The writing is entertaining and most of all its relatable, easy to read. I loved it. Writing style and quality are superb 💕👍🏼 Keep updating author! Your story is amazing! ☺️❤️


The book is awesome. Just excellent. I've not read books recently but this book just caught my attention immediately. Keep it up and never give up author - San!


A really potential story that will hook several comic's lover... a really good plot that doesn't fall ... The characters are also interesting and can make a good development... keep going!!


5-star!!! The book deserves it. This is one of the book I read after a long time and honestly, I am flabbergasted, truly unique storyline and cute cute characters.Fighting to the Author!!!


I like the author writes it since its detailed like it makes the reader visualize where is the setting and especially the feeling of the character, how they talk. It's good :))))) keep writing, author :))


FL has got the spirit. I loved her character, but it is too early for me to tell about characters, as most of em not even teenage. they re all kids. Lets hope they will be a character and make us wonder with their choices in the predicaments. I gave five to all because author-san was really good at quality writing, stability of updates, story development, character design and world background. I hope you even make it better. it is added my library. Fighting!


WOW! Such potential to be one of legends.. I am so impressed with the way that the author sets mood and details of each scenes. Just Amazing! Great weaving of plot development and world-building. You cannot teach this skill because it is just simply an innate talent. And you've got it! Please do not be discouraged at start because I am telling you, you have a great talent in writing! To all readers, give this story a chance! Must-read! 10/10


To the review! The good: I like the overall story. The hints of things past and things to come, the troubled heroine, her interactions with various characters, these all help make the world come alive for me. It's hard not giving away anything of the story itself, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The bad: Word choice is a bit strange. As an example, I'm going to re-write your first paragraph here the way I'd have written it. She wiped at drool mindlessly with her tiny palm. It had been such a good rest; this was beyond doubt. After such a good night's sleep, well, someone was in a good mood. It had been a perfect, complete night of rest! Compared to the previous night, she was quite satisfied. It's just little things here and there, but as long as 'the bad' looks it really isn't enough to call it 'bad'. Overall: The only thing that I could find to critique was word choice, as it sounds strange to me. Updates are happening at a steady pace. The story has developed in explosively good ways, over all grammar is good, the story is readable. I enjoy the character designs and how they interact like real people would in that situation. Finally, I'm enjoying the world you've shared with us. Almost perfect marks, I look forward to reading more!


I'm appreciating the story and plot. The characters are comprehensive for the story. This story just makes me wanna convulse and feel happy.


MAN! From the very description to the narration, the author has managed to capture my attention. A few grammatical errors but they do not take away from the story and one can easily understand what is happening! Can't wait to see what happens ahead! Good work.


Narration is so good! Story is interesting so far as well! The way you explained the family and each of their traits are tender and warm. Hope to see more of your story!


I’m amaze because you update the six times a week. About the story, the narration is good. That’s all. Keep it up!


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