Road to Laze Around Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Road to Laze Around


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The 26-year-old Olivia was a poor lady who did everything to survive. Every day, she wished to become rich or to have the power to control people before she retired and led a slacker life. Her life took a turn after an overdose of sleeping pills and transmigrated into her old favorite novel. Became Elizebeth; the ducal family's youngest child, she expected to lead a good life and planned to leech off on her three brothers for her entire life. She was happy until she dreamt about the future. Fallen kingdom and her miserable future. It happened again. Peace was never an option. Well, it seemed she had to step up for this one as well. Saving the kingdom and fighting for her freedom. Let’s just say she had a prior experience from her previous life. *wink.


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