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Road to Hollywood


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This is not my novel I'm just translating it and making changes to it whenever I deem they are important(like minimizing the racist stuff and things that are too cringy). All the due rights of the work are retained by the original author White thirteen. If the original author wants me to remove it, I will do so, for that please contact me using my email id: omkar22052000@gmail.com, 1.8K words per chapter ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an extremely dazzling circle. Every step up here requires a huge effort and one has to step on the heads of countless competitors. Countless geniuses come to Hollywood with dreams, most of them fall on the road and return back to being ordinary. In the process of climbing up, the role of talent often exceeds that of hard work, but opportunity is more important than talent and hard work! This is a story of a transmigrator who after his rebirth seized every opportunity to embark on the road of Hollywood's peak.


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