1 my road to cultivation(transmigration)

When I woke up I felt pain in my abdomen ,as I look down I felt my blood turn cool an had blood rush to my head. There was a knife slash an it look like one would die from such wound. But the most important part was I don't remember coming such place last thing I remembered was that I went to sleep while reading fanfiction of recantation of spider man. And then it hit me the massive headache.

I looked at the life of a boy growing up as he grew in a good family having loving mother and caring father an relative there family was relatively rich and powerful in the sun village but one day a new family close to royal family came to set a stronghold in our village they were close to present queen so we had to go and welcome then but they outright told to all that there family will only be in power an other to get out so all family Rebel and were killed. and the young boy fleed from village with help of relative but end up dieing to the thief