2 My office?

We just arrived at the company as soon as I got out of the car many people are staring at us should I say ME!

We walked quietly and the staffs are greeting us as soon as we entered the building.

"I'll show you your office, son" dad said as he stared at his wristwatch.

Wait.. What?! I have an office?!

"Here we are" dad showed me a very big and luxurious office.

It even have a sofa in case I want to rest, a very big flat screen TV and a voice command AI main! Is this still an office!

[Mission is progressing]

I heard Terra spoke and I scanned my eyes and I saw them starring at me! This is a little bit embarrassing.

"We have a meeting so we better get going" dad's statement brought me back to my senses and I followed him to the meeting room.

As soon as we entered they all stand up and greet us.

"Good morning Mr. White"

"Good morning everyone, before we proceed I would like to introduce my son Luis White and he will be observing us often from now on" (smiled)

"I'm Luis White, please take good care of me from now on" I put my right hand to my chest and bow as a sign of respect in our White Family.

We all sat down and started the meetings.

I listened carefully to them...


[Business management has been unlocked]

Really? That's great!

The meeting already ended...

"Dad"'can I walk around the building, just for me to familiarise it?" I asked my dad and he agreed.

I need to say that to finish my mission.

Terra, how's my mission' s progress?

[Your mission is currently based on the people host, its currently 30%]

I still need 70% to finish it.

I was busy watching my mission progress that I bumped someone.

"Ahhhh!" we fell to the floor, the worst case is I'm in the bottom.

"That hurts" I complained

"Oh! I'm really really sorry!" the girl said and there are papers in the floor so I decided to helped her.

"Here are your paper Miss" I said but she just stared at me.

"Is there something on my face?"

"Ah? No! Thank you and I'm really sorry about earlier" she said while blushing

"My name is Luis, you?" I introduced myself and asked at the same time.

"Anna, nice to meet you" we shaked hands and smiled at each other.

"What are you doing here? , your still too young to work" I asked her

"Ahhh no.. I just helped my aunt, I'm leaving as soon as I finish this, how about you?"

"My dad also worked here" I answered her in that way, well....

I didn't lie right Terra?

[Yes host, you didn't, cause your dad really does work here, but the thing is he's the Owner]

"Well see ya later"

[Hidden quest has been complete--make one girl interested in you--rewards:5 unused stats]


"Put 2 stats to agility, 2 stats to physique and 1 stats to strength"


[If you want please check your status, host]


*Name: Luis White

*Age: 16

*Str: 9

*Agi: 8


*Physique: 9

- Skills-

Business management - Level 1

??? -

??? -

"Thank you Terra"

[It's my Pleasure, Host]

I helped around the office which leaves them a good impression on me and in the end of the day, I was in my room checking my status.

[Mission has been completed - - rewards 5 unused stats]

"Use the same thing as what you did earlier Terra"

[Yes host... Status has been changed, please open status]


*Name: Luis White

*Age: 16

*Str: 10

*Agi: 10


*Physique: 11

- Skills-

Business management - Level 1

??? -

??? -

I should try increasing it by exercising tomorrow.

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[Mission: Try to get a 8 packs abs]

"Terra, is this a prank? 8 packs? Really?"

[Yes host.. Mission limit is 2 weeks, is mission failed-punishment 5 stats will be deducted]

Alright! I'll do it! Well before that I need to sleep first.

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