3 Gym

Morning already?

It's still 5:00 am, too early.. Well better run some laps around the mansion. I took almost 20 to 25 laps.

[Host, Please open your Status]


*Name: Luis White

*Age: 16

*Str: 9

*Agi: 10


*Physique: 9

*Stamina: 10

- Skills-

Business management - Level 1

??? -

??? -

Woah, My agility has been increased by 2 and I also unlocked Stamina?!

Is that right? Terra?

[Yes, Host, you unlocked Stamina, Congratulations! ]

I took a shower then I got out I'm still wearing a towel around my waist and suddenly someone entered my room!

"Ahhh! I'm really really sorry!I didn't know that someone is using this roo----m"

' Hey Terra, This is the girl from yesterday, right?'

[Yes, host]

'Why did she suddenly stop talking? And most importantly WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?!'

'Before that I need to get some clothes'. I ran towards my wardrobe and chose some black sweater a ripped pants and my white sneakers.

I ran downstairs to the living room and saw my mom, dad and some three other guests.

"Morning mom, dad" I greet them and kiss my mom's cheeks.

"Morning, Sweetie" she replied back and my dad just smiled at me.

"What a sweet son, you got there" The woman in front of my mom complimented me which makes me smile.

"Charming" I heard someone said so I turned my head to the right and saw the girl from yesterday.

"You?" I asked so my mom started to introduce us.

"Luis, This is Mr. Ben Andrews and Mrs. May Andrews and this is their daughter Anna Andrews, Our family is really close with them for I don't know how long!" Dad seemed happy and so as my mom maybe both family has a good relationship.

I sat beside the girl named Anna and smiled at her, did she just blushed?

" Aunt? Really? " I asked while smiling at her.

"Hehehe sorry about that, but I didn't expect that you are THAT LUIS" She smiled and giggle

"Friends?" I asked while I asked for a hand shake and she accepted it so now I have my first friend since coming from this world.

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Finally they ended their conversation and they went home, I also gave Anna my number so she can contact me anytime she wants.

" Time to exercise!"

I changed some gym clothes and head to the Gym, Our gym is located at the third floor so I gotta go upstairs. I started using different kinds of equipments should I say I tried all of them and I'm like a kid whose playing some new toys.

I need to take a new shower! I stink!

After some showers I headed to my room and changed to my sweater earlier and check my stats.


*Name: Luis White

*Age: 16

*Str: 16

*Agi: 15


*Physique: 17

*Stamina: 18

- Skills-

Business management - Level 1

??? -

??? -

"SERIOUSLY?! THIS IS AWESOME!!" I shouted in my inner voice.

My charm increased?! Yes!

[Mission: Try to get a 8 packs abs has been completed! Rewards--50 points]

Points? What's the difference between points and unused stats? Terra.

[You can use points to buy something from the store]

Store? How can I unlock the store?

[Doing some hidden missions can unlock the Store]

That's hard.. Well I just need to wait.. I'm hungry I need to eat.

While I'm eating my phone vibrated and I got a text message from my Mom.

Mom: Sweetheart, can you come here in my company, I need your help, Please....

I got up and ordered my driver to go to mom's Company. My mom is a very famous designer so she owns some clothing company, cosmetics and a modelling company.. More on fashion.

I got out of the car and ran towards my mom's whereabouts ignoring the people eyes staring at me.

"Mom! I'm here, What can I do?" I asked while sweats are dropping nonstop because of the hot weather outside so every girl around me blushed.

"I need some model, can you be my model? The male model I hired got into a accident.. Please...." my mom begged so what can I do?

"(sigh) alright, I'll change, please call brother Manny for me?"

Manny is my manager when it comes to modelling, he's the one who always take care of me, he's like a big brother to me.

"Oh! Luis! You are here! Hahaha come come this way" Manny said as he smiled at me so I smiled back.

I changed some tight black t-shirt, the two buttons below my chin are open so I actually look hot right now and I just finished my mission, getting a eight packs.

"I didn't know my son has this great figure!"

The photo shoot started and they really did a lot of good job of making me look like this.... which makes them look satisfied.

"Lisa Hughes, the female model is here" one of the crew said, so this is actually a couple photo, so I glared at my mom with a 'so this is what this is' look.

The girl who arrived has a great curved figure and a very cute face, should I say an inoocent face.

"H-Hello everyone, My name is Lisa Hughes, Please take care of m----" she stopped talking and look at me with a very red face so everyone put a smirk in their faces especially my mom.

"Luis White, Pleased to meet you" I said and smiled.

We started the photos hoot, tried different kind of pose and changing some angles too, we also tried different clothes. I don't know how many time has pass but the photoshoot has ended.

"Umm.. Can I have your number?! " she asked and the most important part is she actually shouted so everyone heard her.

I just awkwardly smiled and gave it to her.

Before I enter my car I spoke..

"I had fun Lisa, I hope I can work with you again(smiled brightly)"

"I-uh... Yeah Of cour-se" she said and the my drove to my mansion.

Lisa's POV

"You okay Lisa, since we came back from the photoshoot you've been staring at nowhere"

"Sister Betty, I think I'm in love... Is this what they call it? " I told her well no one is in the van except me, sister Betty and my driver.

"To Luis White, am I right?I also heard that he has a very nice, gentle and caring personality" she smirk and teased me like that.

"Yes... I think if I became his girlfriend, I can die happily" I said while smiling happily and sister Betty just sigh in defeat.

I hope I can see him again(giggle)I can't believe it that the so called LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT is real! Luis... Luis.... Luis... Luis... His name kept on repeating inside my head!

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