Rizun: Primal Book

novel - Fantasy

Rizun: Primal


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The series takes place 10 years after Rizun The Movie: End Game and follows a character named Jasper. Jasper is a special agent attached to an oragnaization called Segma. The years following the demon war that took place between Noble Cross and Genesis Co resulted in the United States government developing a special oraganization that would combat the evils in our world and the Outer Rift (Demon Relam). As a result, Segma developed the Primal Program, which scientists took DNA from the top animal species across the globe and infused them with Spiritual Aura, creating the Primal Index. Infusing the Primal Index into a host would then give the host power beyond imaginable and would be considered a super solider and be called a Primal Code, capable of defeating any foes that would stand in their way. All is going according to plan with the project until a select few of the operatives begin craving more power and turn against Segma. Jasper, however, stays loyal to the organization and is tasked out to hunt and retrieve all of the Primal Codes that have escaped and are now causing chaos. The series will follow Jasper as he hunts down his fellow Primal Coders and learns to control his own abilities.