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Sanjana pov

i am watching move with my family its a cartoon movie because those are only movie you can watch with your family, good thing is that my father and brother also enjoy those kinds of movies. but that movie almost came to end and we already watch its ending so my brother snatch tv remote and switch the channel know ' DDLJ' okay i don't want to watch this movie we literally remember every dialog of that move.

i grow up watching movie so many movies but those movies are good for entertainment purpose but in reality its all bullshit. i mean really you fall in love with hero and after lots of fight you convince your parent and they agree.

i mean come on in real life its not happened. mainly 60% of boys doesn't want to marry the same girl whom they spend so many year by doing babu, sona, baby. they can fuck there girlfriend's but they want a vargin wife and that's reality.

i mean come on i know very well that girls also want sex and know they are more practical, they want a well future so they also not dig in the thing like if i loos my varginty to someone so i should marry that person.

but in that case my thinking is pretty old because i want to give my everything to only one person, i know it sound odd but i want this. its not like i am uneducated that's why my thinking is like that all, i competed my graduation from B.E and i really don't disrespect those who chose to do that because its there choice.

ahh god choice i must say life is simple if you have less ability to think, because in this way you except things easily and thousand of fucking question stop digging in your mind. some time your own mind became your enemy yes this is happening with me i really wish i cannot thing or speck.

know a days this choice thing irritate me so much, because i am loosing many choices i am 25 from my childhood my parent used to treat equally for me and my brother but then we grow up and after 18 they suddenly realize that i am girl, its not like that they behave bad or abused its just that do some thing or in some situation i feel like i am not as equal to my brother.

for example my mom want me to do house hold thigs or help her in kitchen she want my involvement in kitchen i mean i can make eatable food but not very tasty because i don't like it, i don't like to do house hold things but they think as a girl i should do those things, i have to know that things like how to cook, and other house hold things because i have to marry one day and go to some one else house.

i don't want that kind of life, i don't want to just marry a man who control my life and take decision for my life, i just don't want to some buddy mother, or wife, or sister. i want my identity my name.

truly i want to own my business. one more stupid and impossible thought. impossible because because i want to open a farmhouse and a restaurant but off course my parent doesn't have money or even they have they will first try to help making by bother currier he also wants to open restaurant, he is not very much educated its just completed 12th so yaa he need there help for his currier. i also don't want there help because i want something my own.

so my last option is get a government job before my marriage, government job because they wont allow me go out of city for private job. so may be i can stand on my own but this option is also next to impossible because know a days so there is so much competition. and they dream to get government job and this dream is quite big. and for me its a ticket for my freedom.

so this is my life boring and usual nothing adventures i don't know what i am going to do with this kind of life may i be able to survive or compromise i don't know what to do with this stupid boring life.

i took my phone open it and see miscall from my best friend Isha . we are college besties. i call her after full rings she dint pickup my call so i cut the call. i am about to put my phone and then she again call.

" hello " i said.

" are you sleeping " she ask sarcastically.

" what happen " i ask ignoring her question.

" are you done packing " she ask.

" yes " i said excitedly because for the first time my parents in my life my parents allowed me to go with my friend specially out of the county, because she convince them and some how they agree.

when she ask me first i said no because i know my father wont allow that off course protective father and i am his small daughter. she still treat me like a small child. but she convince them because in there eye she is perfect sanskari girl but only i know she is bad ass bitch.

" are you sure about that " i ask, i am little bit scared to because i never went anywhere without my family.

" yes, " she ask " did mom dad said anything " she ask.

" no " i said.

" of course they trust me, they can send you hell with me " she said i hear her chuckle, my lips also twich in a smile.

" because they don't know you " i said. its true my parents is very impress with her because she can do all house hold things with good cooking skills so my mom think she is a good girl, and she behave good in my home speck nicely so my dad think she really is simple girl.

but off course its just a show which we do in front of each other parents, because of that her parents also trust me equally that's why they allowed us to go.

its actually her cousin's wedding and she also invite me, we know each other family's so well so i also get invite with free ticket, actually free ticket is lie its Isha idea, so my parents allowed me because she said her cousin get upset if i don't go with her.

"lets go to shopping " she said.

" okay "

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