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Rising Phoenix

World Convergence

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What is Rising Phoenix

Read Rising Phoenix novel written by the author World Convergence on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is History stories, covering historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Dynasties rise and dynasties fall, like the tide washing the sand. On one side, he suffers from intrigue and hides his great ambition; on the other, the mysterious girl hides her anger behind her gentle smile. Who toppled the country, establishing their dynasty? Who built the Yellow Springs and set it over Imperial Power, inciting strife and conquering the earth? Who exchanged gazes at the Nine Palaces to the sound of halberd and blood, watching the falling flowers of Acacia? Who drank the poisoned wine and smiled, trading it for a cinnabar dot to the chest? Tribulation and strife has destroyed past prosperity; he would not retreat, and she has not finished singing. .... Is she disturbing the earth world, or is the world disturbing her? This is a seemingly simple story about an era of recovering the old country and the fight for the throne, and the men and women on both sides. To conquer or resist; To push away or fight for chance. To provoke or to still; To love, or to refuse love.


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I liked the cover and my second head decided that it was the right decision so i rated 5/5 hope the cover won't let me down 1 pack of thick pasta ½ kg of minced meat ½ cup of oil ½ cup of grated cheese 1 ½ cup of tomato juice Salt Pepper a little cinnamon and nutmeg Boil spaghetti for about 15 minutes. Drain them, rinse them with cold water and leave them aside until you prepare the minced meat. In a saucepan, put the oil, minced meat, salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. Cook for 15 minutes and then pour the tomato juice and simmer for half an hour. During this time, you are preparing Bessamel according to the instructions of the package. Add if you want the eggs lightly beaten and stir. Add 1/3 of the balsamel and cheese to the minced meat and stir. Take a medium baking pan and grease half pasta. Put the mince on top and cover it with the other spaghetti. Cover the entire surface of the pastits with the rest of the balsamel and sprinkle it with a little melted butter. If you want to sprinkle a little kefalotyri. Bake the pastic to 180 ° C with air or resistances for about 1 hour. (It's machine translated)


Reveal spoiler


Hello everyone, my father passed away while I was in the early stages of translating this novel, so I didn’t focus on the novel and didn’t rush the editor. After that, QD decided to drop the novel because other similar novels were not as popular as they had hoped, so they aren’t willing to risk this investment. However, I don’t want to give up on this novel, and I feel like many readers are eagerly awaiting new chapters. While the TV show is interesting, the novel is much better. Long story short, I’m taking on all the risk in translating this, so I hope that you readers will support this work by voting and commenting and sharing the novel with your friends. Many Thanks.[img=recommend] Please leave comments in the chapters if you have any questions or suggestions. I can guarantee one chapter a day in the beginning with mass releases from time to time, and if we well, we can go from there to arrangements like two chapters a day or extra weekly chapters etc etc.


Honestly love it so far, only five chapters in and the writing quality is insane just hope it doesn’t go premium too early. Keep it up, author has all my support


Hello everyone, I am the translator's friend who has been publishing the chapters for him after his vpn completely failed. I lost touch with him for many days and he just replied my message. He told me to tell you that there's an family emergency and he will start translating as soon as possible. "3-5 days? i guess" is the answer he gave me when I asked him how soon exactly. Also he asked me to apologize for him: "I am sorry for the sudden disappearance."


Finally translation quality worthy of the original novel. Only, where the h*ll did the translator go? I will be very saddened if this is a permanent loss.


the synopsis that is supposed to tell us about the story says nothing at all... fillers: "why does the burger have less energy than the steak? the burger is in its ground state."


Really excited for this novel! Watched the drama and loved it (until the last 5 minutes lol) I heard that the novels ending is different so I can’t wait!


While this novel is great so far, where the hell did the translator go? I feel like I have ants in my pants from all the waiting. In cases like this I really wish we could be given some notice.


I vote for this only to get disappointed even through I didn't even read a single chapter and I keep on voting for this novel since I though it another female protag cultivation but it only anicents times :( gg


Outstanding translation, really hard to find online. After watching the show I was really desperate to read the book and I have not put it down since I found it. I’m counting the minutes for the daily updates. Ning Yi and Feng Zhiwei are realy complex characters, so is Master Gu whom you start to discover more of as the book develops. I can’t wait to read it all!


A clever and well written, exciting story! It has a good mix between romance and politics, adventure and mysteries. This is the story that the tv show is loosely based on and which is good, but the novel is even better for sure. I find the translation very good as well, It has a good flow and vibrant language! I can’t wait to be able to read the whole story as I know there is a lot left!


After watching the drama, i hunted book’s translation. The quality of the translation is awesome and the book doesn’t disappoint. Thank you!


The show was unbelievable, but the book is soooo much better! This is the only good english translation I have found of this book, the translator is doing a really good job and updates pretty much daily. I cant wait to finish it. [img=update]


Amazing story..I know it is a translation of the original book. But a good job done nonetheless. I especially love the female lead who is just simply badass, awesome, graceful,cold,ruthless, loving, daring all at the same time. This novel is really worth the time and the translator is doing a pretty decent job so far.


IDK IDK IDK......... but 1 thing for sure is that the drama is out... Yesss, with 56 or 70 episodes (45 mins/ep). Good luck wasting at least 42 hrs... no. 2 days of your life watching. BTW....it's in chinese. Well, that cleaves out quite a few viewers.....So??? Read this book (>1 yr of your life)


A beautiful and exemplary translation that is, to me, at professional level for a book featuring a complex love story between two outstanding characters. As a reader, you will never have enough and will just read without stopping ! Many, many thanks to the writer here that has taken such a HUGE work, delivering us chapters on a daily base and deserve immense success.


I watched the drama on Netflix and was severely disappointed by the ending. I then read reviews that the novel ends much differently, so I wanted to check it out. However, I could only find partially translated copies of the novel. Thank you so much for your work on translating this, and I would LOVE to see the entire novel translated. The characters in the novel are just so much more rich and interesting, and the story IS different than the drama. I am disappointed with some of the character choices made for the drama. Feng Zhiwei is a much stronger character in the novel, and does not seem dragged down to the level of defeated girl. I also like that Gu Nanyi is more the 2nd love interest in the novel than Helian. Helian is obviously more of a boy that Zhiwei messes with. I don't know what it would take to get this translation publicized in English, but I would love to help make that happen if possible. I absolutely would buy this novel and read it again and again.


This is me reading when this book. 😂 So riveting! I really can’t say enough about this heart-stirring story and amazing translation. Grateful to have stumbled across this to heal my broken heart over the drama’s bungling toward the end of the series.


I watched the drama on Netflix and was thoroughly disappointed with the ending, so went in search of the original book. This is a beautiful and well-written translation, and I appreciate the translator’s time and effort in being this novel to life for English readers. To be able to convey the author’s original feeling into a different language is no easy task and I am very impressed with the translation so far. Are you able to tell me how many chapters total? I want to make sure I have enough coins to complete the 3 volumes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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