1 Shall we play?

In a dimly lit and nearly quiet room, the sounds of chewing can be heard from within.

There sat a table, which slowly had light peak inside from across.

At the door there is a man in all black. His hair pulled back and his golden eyes sharp and angry.

On him he is wearing kind of like a suit, a black suit. His hands in his pockets and face hidden by his coat.

[Your Majesty...]

The person he was referring to with "Your Majesty" is a lady, sitting at the table.

No not a lady, it was a child.

Adrianah Amee Juliet Pheonaxia, 31st Princess of Pheonix kingdom and Crown Princess.

Also Empress to the nation of Pheonix at the age of only 12.

[You need something? Sir Alreon. You are quiet brave to disturb my supper.]

A really high pitched voice echoed through a really quiet room until now. Accompanied with the sound of plate and metal colliding. She put her fork and knife of a wooden round table.

[I think... it is not good idea to eat here...]

the man who Juliet called "Sir Alreon", was trembling, not only in his voice but whole body. His face even though party hidden was pale and his wrinkled forehead full of sweat.

[This is no dining hall... and...] the man gulped and spoke quietly.

To that until then sitting Empress, slowly walked out.

She wore a really pretty red dress. Around her waist there tied, was a dark red Ribbon with high heel red shoes.

She had long white socks also with simple red ribbons on them.

Her Silver hair was simply let down, but still played with so it wouldn't get in her way while she was eating. Though hair was let down she still had a simple pin in her hair to complete her look.

She then stopped walking and turned around. At the place where she was sitting at, there were 2 boys. And count, duke and a king.




And the King.

A little less lively then anyone... While count still breathing but barely... King and Duke being dead. Piled up to support Juliet as a seat.

She then turned around with a big smile and ran to Alreon.

[Occi, dear, let's go play~]

Said Juliet as she ran past Alreon and just smiled at him.

[Ah Sir Alreon, I'm counting on you to clean this up. Occi kinda went over board there.]

The 2 ran after her in a rather big hurry as the man by the name Alreon stayed behind.


You are probably thinking, what is going on.


The Kingdom of Pheonix, also known as the biggest kingdom on the world. No matter what time of the year it is always in some shade of red, feeding the countries around itself, but it was led by a foolish leader.

The man in question, Alexander Polius Juliet Pheonaxia. Was too kind to the people but too harsh and greedy around his family. But Man was powerful. He led the country for a long time and his blood soon, showed its colours.

You see there was a special trait people of the royal family had.

Red Eyes and Silver hair, a great sign for a great leader. Man himself was born with a strong showing of these signs. His hair was clear silver and eyes pure blood red. No child could be called a bastard child with those traits... but.

Even though such looks prove blood relations, they do not prove or hold any power in how one shall act.

He, Late Emperor... sold most of his land. He gave and sold out the land he was ruling over. To keep the greed of countries around him in check, to stop the war that he almost started.

All while neglecting his family.

So, when on 6th February the same year a child with Silver hair and red eyes was born, even more pure then him himself, he panicked. More like, he understood what he had done.

Though after he found out, that the child was a girl he started to truly panic.

He had 5 other sons and 30 Princesses. If he were to give the throne to a last child a girl at that, it would bring him shame...

He thought.

As he ordered his guards to close the mother and the child away. In some room somewhere in the castle. Somewhere where only few people will be able to enter and interact with such a child.

But due to such importance of power, the world was already aware of 31st Princess, Adrianah Amee Juliet Pheonaxia.

Only few days after her birth there were countless numbers of Nobles, offering their newborn or already adult sons, to be wed to Princess that was just born. Not even able to look and eat without help.

In the end man as her Finacé was chosen to be, a bit older but same age.

A Nobel of a powerful Nobel house, Avius Hiemo Genisis, Simply the Nobel Family of Genisis was a partner and supporter of Juliet Pheonaxia Royal Family since the old days. Making such a marriage was a no problem.

The Man though, he would be safe if he were to rise the boy himself.

But what he didn't expect was, for his own child to be a genius.

[Father, Why am I the only one getting married at such young age?]

Is what he was asked every supper.

The maids and nannies that were put on duty to watch over his child, just resigned without explanation.

The guards that were assigned to protect and watch her, all disappeared or resigned.

After that the last one in line was, Occidere Regem Daemonious. Also known as the youngest knight. He was a year older then the princess herself, but he was the only one not to leave his duty of guarding her.

Then the king's biggest fear came true.

[Unfortunately, it's almost tea time. Father.]

One night, he woke up. His daughters blood red eyes and small body in her sleeping gown staring at him.

It was raining and it was pretty late at night.

Not to mention his daughter was already pretty old for her to be in mans room. Her wedding was approaching too.

With a worried look he sat up...

Only to meet with a cold, then warm and wet feeling in his stomach. What followed was a great pain.

Well in that dark room... wasn't just his precious daughter.

Avius Hiemo Genisis and Occidere Regem Daemonious were both present.

At the sight of blood she was just grinning. She wasn't sane. Due to him being stabbed while still half asleep, so to say, he wasn't able to scream or call for anyone. He was being stabbed by his own flesh and blood. Even though she was killing her father she was smiling. Even though leader of this country was being stabbed in front of their eyes, the 2 boys just started as he was taking his last breath.

The next morning, the head maid that was on the side of the Princess. Put up a cover story of his highness not feeling quiet well. Only to die in a big fire that took lives of the whole Royal Family. No actually everyone but Adrianah Amee Juliet Pheonaxia, Juliet in short, while she was away to attend her wedding in the house of the groom.

As the only lasting member of Royal Family and just being wed too, her husband with his family name took "Juliet Pheonaxia" as his last name, and became the Emperor at the age of 12.

The true monster though, was his precious wife.

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