Rising Mountains: Dwarves and Dragons Book

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Rising Mountains: Dwarves and Dragons


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Talia's journey has taken her far, but it's far from over. After taking over the Kingdom of Arboros and being crowned queen she's forced to leave and continue her travel towards the dwarven kingdom of Marimoor in the Stardust Mountains. She travels with the dwarven prince Bromyr and his escort as well as her partners Nico, Midnight, and Lotus. With her dragon Reezara continuing to grow quickly she knows that the time of truly becoming a rider is close. Her travels will surely not end with the dwarves, but the distant mountains hold answers to questions she hasn't even had time to ask yet. Follow her journey as she learns about the history of the dragons and her people, the demons and the gods. Will she be ready to face the chaos of the dwarven kingdom? Will she rise to fill the title of a queen? And most importantly, will she be able to hold the darkness at bay?


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