Rising from the Depths
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Rising from the Depths


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What is Rising from the Depths

Rising from the Depths is a popular web novel written by the author Coconut31, covering ANTI-HERO, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, SYSTEM, FANTASY, MONSTER, POST-APOCALYPTIC, STRONG-MALE-LEAD, MALE-LEAD, LITRPG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 183.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 114 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Earth is bought and fused with two other alien planets, but before the new overlords take total control, the System decides to grant the original inhabitants one last chance to reclaim their fates. Stuck on an unfamiliar world in the midst of sentient creatures and savage monsters, humanity will struggle to survive until they learn to adapt to their harsh, new reality. However, Silas could ask for little more as the calamity provides him with the opportunity to turn his wreck of a life around and finally face the mess he once ran away from. Little does he know of the terrible foes he will face on the way, the grand powers he will gain, and the legions he will command. This is the tale of Silas Wycliffe, the Godkiller.  Author’s note: System-regulated Apocalypse story following a powerful (but not overpowered) MC and the village that he helps set up. While it is graphic, it isn’t overly dark. Released 4 times a week. Enjoy!

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Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Continue With The Good Work Author


So far a great take on the whole end of the world system novel storyline. The world seems expansive, the characters are very interesting and the book is overall very well written with basically no grammer issues (that I noticed). Worth a read


Grammar and writing overall is amazing. Story concept on a system apocalypse is decent and well executed. Still sorta waiting to see how ever thing pans out story wise


This is one of the best novels on this site. Although the chapters are few and the updates could be more and background and characters are fleshed realistically. However, MC seems to be a little bit of a wimp as he is not able to get used to killing even after doing in a lot of monsters and 3-4 humans.


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So now planet can now be sold right hahahhahhahhahhhaha. This has gone to another level. I think this will just go awesome. Maybe but seriously I like this. Lego


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