I woke up to complete darkness enveloping me. Wondering where I am it hit me that I died trying to save a little girl from a truck.

"What a fckin cliche!" I thought to myself.

"why did this have to happen to me!? "I was supposed to go out with a bang not a clang."Trying to calm my self down I hear a soft noise.


[uploading system 1%....7%....25%....75....100%]


[rebirth system has been uploaded.]

"WTF!! WHAT IS THIS" I try to yell but nothing COMES out of from my mouth.


[the host has died and has been reborn in a different world.]

I calm myself once more and try to think over everything that has happened so far realizing that I should just figure out my current situation.

"where am i?"I asked the so called system.


[the host is currently inside a shell getting ready to hatch.]

I then realized that if it its a system it should have a stat menu.

"Hey system what's are my currents stats?"


[name: Asaki. ]

race: Phoenix

condition: hatching

agility: 7

magic: 68

health: 49

strength: 2

[charm: 4. ]


"I'm a Phoenix!" A fracking Phoenix!!

I had heard about these creatures from wuixa novels plenty of times and they were basically immortal.

I knew I had to see it for myself!

"Hey system let me out of this egg."


[The host shall be released in 4 minutes.]