Rising From the Ashes : A Phoenix's Tale
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Rising From the Ashes : A Phoenix's Tale


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What is Rising From the Ashes : A Phoenix's Tale

Read Rising From the Ashes : A Phoenix's Tale novel written by the author Seeeeeph00 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Chapters are short 1-2k words. I admit the start is gonna be a bit rough, I'm still trying to find my way in writing. Just enjoy the ride with me! ~~~ Born as a noble Curtis only wanted to earn his place in the world, finish schooling, get a stable job, marry a beautiful girl, build his own family and then ride out his time in the world watching his children and grandchildren. But the world had other plans for him, disaster struck. Everything his family-owned had been taken away, his father; jailed, his siblings; missing, his own mother was forced to escape the disaster by returning to her previous family, leaving him alone in the world to fend for himself. Thrown onto a world that is kill or be liked, Curtis must find a way back and solve the problems that struck his family. Will he succeed or will he die trying? Find out in the story of Curtis. Rising from the Ashes: A Phoenix's Tale! ~~~


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I don't know about the others but I personally really like the concept of the book. Here's why- √ first if you are looking for a work with a stable world building then I say u guys check this novel out √ consists of intriguing plot, well tailored characters with individual personality √ has varing categories included- action, adventure, system, mystery, humour... √ well written story line possessing uniqueness of its own great job author!


Slow build up, but it is necessary for novels like this. Build ups for a particular concept or any part of the story is needed so it can paint a clear picture for us, the reader. I appreciate the effort the author has placed in, with the world and characters being shown well, and their characteristics really make them unique. My biggest positive remark regarding this novel is that it is not another system/isekai novel. Novels like this are refreshing to both read and explore its concepts. I hope this novel can serve as an example of the genre it is in.


Did not expect to like the story as much as I do based on the synopsis but the story quickly proved me wrong. 10/10 very well written novel so far. This is my first novel from this author but I cannot wait to see more.


The writing for this story is very detailed with varying words used. The dialogue can feel a bit off that doesn't happen a lot in the story and is nearly flawless at times. The characters are crafted well and given time to grow. Sometimes there can be a small continuity problem but I'm just nitpicking now. Great work.


This story is nice. Although it has a some generic reincarnation story touch but the author still make it unique and splendid in many ways. The changes of povs were also well written. The characters have their unique personalities which is already a plus! Overall this story is indeed already interesting! If you are a fan of reincarnation stories with magics then this one is definitely for you! Keep it up author! I look forward to more updates.


Love the concept . You might change the prologue a little . But the writing and story are real good . I love the number of chapters [img=recommend]


Good plot and precise writing style. The characters are extremely well written and the story is enjoyable too. You need to read into the chapter for a good experience.


This story captures your interest to the point i cannot put it down. I'm so tied up in the characters that i find my self on the edge of my seat with suspense trying to read on to see what happens to them next


Reveal spoiler


The author has a good grasp of narration. Making it easy to read and follow. This story is going to be great someday as it has a potential. Making me a bit jealous, despite the language is not the author's main he was able to pull it off splendidly. Kudos kabayan! Good job! by the way ....I am from review swap...it was nice meeting fellow countrymen here!


Good reincarnation story nice interactions and it also has magic. Everything is alright as long as you like prophecies, MC talking with god and him being a champion of one. Furthermore, even other gods (if not the enemy?) can talk to him.


In Kingdom Building with my novel Devil's Rise, obviously it gets 5 stars. It's an interesting Isekai. Give it a read if you are into them. Skip the Prologue though. It's boring and doesn't really relate to the story in anyway.


This review is based on the first volume. The story development takes place in a really amazing way. The writing quality is really really good. It depicts every scene clearly into the imagination. Characters are very well designed and with each chapter, you'll continue to like them more. MC is a little dumb in the middle of the first volume, however, soon he becomes into one of the many interesting characters. The world building is really really amazing. Only in the first volume, we get to know the few important aspects of the world as the chapters move on. In the beginning this book was really stable, but it looks like the author is busy with something from last week. That's it! I'll recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something cool and awesome with no cliche story and generic characters.


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