1 First

It was her FIRST day. School was her attraction. She enjoyed learning and writing. Respectful to her teachers. Nothing could get on her way. Nothing but one thing. As Mia awoken from her tiny bed. She took a step on the cozy carpet floor of her bedroom. She crept slowly to her bathroom with a chilly, cold feeling in her spine. She took her messy, curly brown hair out of its messy bun. She looked exactly like her mother. She grabbed a brush and began to slowly brush through her tangled hair. She slipped her hair into a ponytail and soon grabbed her make-up bag. Taking mascara out in her shakey hands. "I'm not perfect," she muttered with no self-esteem about herself. She grabbed her foundation and blender to cover her acne and pimples. As depressed as she can be. She chose lip gloss over lip stick, because heavens know that she can't walk through middle school with just a tad of it on her lips. She spread the cold lip gloss on her chapped, crusted lips. She added foundation on her freckles. Just another disadvantage of herself. As her mom called her downstairs for a good motivational breakfast, she muttered repeatedly ,"I'm not perfect." Her mom greeted her to a fancy breakfast. Various choices of food to chose from. She thanked her mother. Her mothers eyes were a light blue like the end of the atmosphere. Her long, curly, knee- length hair, brown as a maple tree. Her soft, hands elegantly took the FIRST, breakfast donut and sat it on Mia's plate. "FIRST day of Emerson High School." her mom said excitedly ,"I'm so proud of you!" Mia sat down to eat. "She asked her mom , " Why ain't I good enough?" Her mom grabbed her risk and told her to never ask the question again. She wanted her to realize that she is always good enough for her. Even if she's not for anyone else. Mia hugged her mother. As she ate the last slice of bacon she grabbed her backpack to head to school. She hugged and kissed her mom goodbye. The brown freckles on her mother's face covering her nose. She then realized she should have covered hers. It was a part of who she was. Mia was 15. A very short 15 year old. She was 4'11. People often stopped her on the street telling her that she was way to young to be on her own. Mia was also very fragile. She was a delicate little blossom, in its first sprout from a flower. A much, much taller school girl. Her name was Alexis. She was 15 like Mia. She was 5 days older than Mia. She was around 6 feet. She had short blonde hair. Her pale, white skin was brittle. Her lips were perfect, though, no chaps or crusts. She had a very smart boyfriend. She used him for Math homework. His name was Shanon Presley. He was 3 years younger than Shanon. He was in 6 grade. An Honor Roll student. He loves Shanon but she only uses him for homework though. Shanon approached Mia, slapping her velcro shoes on the sidewalk. Her sparkly pink dress glitter in the light of the morning. Mia had on checked Van's and a blue shirt with khaki pants. Her thigh-length hair blew in the morning wind. This was her FIRST time walking alone to school. She didn't expect the FIRST person for her to see was Shanon. "What's with the nerdy look?" Shanon announced. Mia turned and began back on her school route. Shanon grabbed her backpack and moved her off the sidewalk. Mia nearly tripped and hitting herself. Jessica Barton, a bigger girl, with very blue eyes and ear- length hair walked over and pushed Mia to the ground. She scrapped her elbow. It began to bleed. Jessica and Shanon skipped heading back to school. Mia's elbow was hurt very badly. She got up and walked slowly towards school so that she wasn't near them. She arrived into the school hall.

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