1 A Legend Has Awoken

There's a world, a world where in good or evil never mattered, and unimaginable powers existed. Only one simple rule existed in this world: Only the strong shall survive.

All the people came from Earth through a strange anomaly called the Warp. Each year the Warp takes thousands of people from many backgrounds. Their lives depended on themselves whether it is to fight or to die, because the only way to get out of this world was rise up from everyone else, only the victorious is able to earn freedom.

Countless flashes of swords clashing, guns firing, and powers being exposed could be seen all over the world. But a particular arena stood higher than the rest, the arena was bigger, wider and thicker. Warriors fought inside this huge arena called, "Mox" in order to rise to the top.


Two swords collided with each other. One wore shiny armor that covers from the upper body to the lower body and had a shield that matched with his blade, while the other rode a fierce horse, wearing a dark and edgy leather armor.

"Give up now, before I'll make a beating out of you..." The man riding the horse coldly said as the horse aggressively stomped the ground, making loud thuds, cracking the the floor.

"I never surrender, I'd rather fight until freedom is earned!" The other replied with a strong tone, striking his shield unto the ground with full force, strong enough that the shield went through the floor. He withdrew his shield and made a battle stance.

They continued to battle. Both were evenly matched until a thick ray of plasma pierced through their fight.

"Now, now, boys. There are still others wanting to pick a fight. Let's all share, shall we." A girl in a red hoodie spoke loudly, carrying a huge cannon on her hands.

A person, wear a black jumpsuit with yellow stripes, leaped up out of nowhere and smashed the ground, stunning the two sword users. He immediately turned to the person with leather armor and fought him with combos of close quarter combat, dealing him countless bruises.


Out of nowhere, a spear came out of the skies and striked the ground, in front of the person with the black jumpsuit. The ground shook violently, making everyone lose balance. A person with a grey hoodie retrieved his spear and swings it with great force, slicing the person wearing the black jumpsuit in half. He quickly fixes his attention to the others and separated them by simply slashing his way through, aggressively.

"Anyone else?!" The man with the long spear shouted, his voice echoed throughout the arena and out into the vast plain lands.

The echo went far and wide and reached a huge crater. At the center of the crater was a man in a ripped cloak and dark tight jeans, lying down on the ground and unconscious, exposing his tough and rock-like upper body, showing his six pack of abs. His right arm was more larger than the left. It looked more muscular and powerful as well.


The cloaked man woke up, his heart beating as fast as a cheetah could. The upper portion of his face was covered in blood as a huge cut scarred through his face.

"Ugh... What happened?" He knelt down and tried to remember, "I... I... "

The man immediately punched the ground with his right arm as scorching magma flowed down on his arm, "Those darn traitors, thinking that they're the ones on top!" He furiously spoke to himself. What he didn't mind was that the crater was more larger than before he punched the ground, he stood up instead and looked around, only to find a full-face mask and a dark blue bandana that had grey dagger-looking edges as designs.

"I need a new identity..." He took off his ripped cloak, picked up the bandana and wore it around his neck. He picks up the mask afterwards and breaks it in half before wearing it, covering only the upper portion of his face.

"I'll show those traitors what will happen if they mess with an Aldous main!" He shouted loudly while raising his right arm up. He immediately dashed forward with his right fist first, rocks and boulders covered him afterwards, turning himself into a drill that was heading towards Mox, the huge arena.

His speed started increasing along the way as the drill kept spinning faster.



The man with the spear managed to dodge the girl's thick laser beam and closed in on their gap.

"Crap! He's getting too close, I won't make it!" The girl thought with a frustrated look on her face.

All of the sudden, a human-sized drill pierced through the wall and smashed into the man charging with a spear. The drill shattered to pieces as the man took a few steps back, trying to maintain balance.

The masked man leaped into the air while magma dripped down from his huge right arm, the spear man was too late to react, he could only block the smash, but it wasn't enough.


Dust and ashes engulfed the arena, the two sword users were on guard while the cannon user was leaning on a wall, sitting down, still recovering from the shock.

"An Aldous user..." The warrior with shiny armor spoke to himself before clenching unto his sword.

"He's mine!" The leather armored sword wielder shouted as his horse dashed forward.


His horse went flying out of the arena, not by a whole but by ripped limbs and body parts, blood scattered all over. The warrior in the other, was drag onto the floor and got smashed hardly into a wall behind the man with shiny armor.

The masked man leaped high up again and came crashing down onto the shiny armored warrior.

"Hah! Too predictable!" He quickly thought before making a sturdy stance to block the attack with his shield.

"Idiot..." The masked man thought while smashing his right fist towards the shield.

"Gaaagh!!!" He was in massive shock after the hit and got thrown back a few meters away. Not only did he underestimated the attack but he found out that his shield was broken to pieces, "But... that's impossible!" he said in confusion, looking at the masked man who kept walking closer to him.

"You're simply just too weak to live." The masked man coldly responded after grabbing the warriors neck, then he crushed his neck with ease and dropped him down to the ground.

He turns to the girl sitting down, leaning onto a wall. The girl quickly noticed the masked man and reached for her cannon. The man started running towards her and she was too weak to drag her cannon, she started crying and could only cover her eyes and accept her fate to die.

The masked man's right arm began to drip out magma again before clenching his fist, ready to strike.