60 Euphoric Kiss

Yuna waited for a few seconds, and when she saw Min coming out from the door, she pretended to sob and attempted to start walking towards wherever she needed to so that she continue her act.

"Lady Yuna," Min called her out. "I apologize for being insensitive. I hope that you are not angry with me anymore."

Sneering in contempt, Yuna just stayed still and glared at Min. For some reason, it was like she was acting like a sulky girlfriend to Min, and she did not care. Usually, she hated seeing overreacting women who try their best to control the man in her palms.

Yuna and Min did not even have any labels, and both of them were just pretending to be a couple for one day to get that noble lady named Park Boram back to her senses.

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"How can I not be angry with you?" Yuna replied. "It seemed to me that you were even more worried about that woman instead of me."

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