468 Power Thief

The tengu flew high up, in his hand he was holding Dave, the Doom Knight Tengu's new strength was enough for him to carry himself and Dave with utter ease. The Tengu carried Dave to the teleportation gate, and they both entered, leaving through the other side of the Undead Frontier Raid Zond.

The Tengu kept flying, and batting his wings, crossing over terrain with ease, bypassing all mountains and hills, and headed directly to the heart of a rampaging storm.

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In the depths of the raid zone, a storm churned with enough power that it could threaten all life that dared approach it. Lightning crackled and struck the ground with vicious strength, shattering boulders and dirt. Wind, cold as ice howled and raged, and clouds darker than night rumbled in wrath. The belly of the storm was a cyclone, that spun with speed far beyond what any normal storm could move with.

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