548 Flanker Flanking

Kurukuru looked at Dave bemusedly, twitched its antlers and licked the blood out o his scythe-like hands.

"Thank god we never made an enemy out of this guy," Flanker said.

"Well yeah, he ended up being a great ally," Dave replied and unconsciously rubbed the creature's head. His pet petting behavior overtook his senses and didn't realize he was petting a calamitous predator until the creature rubbed his triangular insect head against his hand, obviously enjoying the treatment.

 "Ahem, well, Kurukuru, see, this kingdom. It's mine, don't eat the people in it, but anything else is yours. Are we okay with that?" Dave asked.

The predator nodded. "Good, then, if anyone comes asking for trouble take them out, and if you find it difficult, just run back to the Undead kingdom, you'll have many allies there who can lend you a hand. I'll put in a good word for you." Dave added.

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