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Dave switched to his Sworn Stalwart gauntlets and activated the new skill he had planned to keep hidden from the world for a while longer.

"[Aspect of the Dragon]!"

Light materialized over Dave's white armor, tainting it in black runic designs. His pauldrons grew into draconic horns and his helmet changed shape from a T visor full helmet to a draconic skull of steel.

The Sworn Stalwart's fists turned to claws and his body became leaner but more robust, especially in the chest area. His back grew leathery wings.


Your base damage is increased by 500% and you will take 80% reduced damage.

The ability [Fly] has been temporarily added to your skill list.

You are no longer blinded.

You are no longer disoriented.

All dragon-related abilities have had their cooldowns reset.

For the next 30 seconds all draconic related abilities have been upgraded.


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