315 A battle of Ice and Fire

Dave inspected his opponent.


Name: Du'Rhaza. Lich.

Tier: Doom-Knight Rank.

Danger level: Friendly.

Level: 550

Base damage: 250,000-320,000

HP: 5,000,000

DN: 50,000

MA: 155,000


[Freeze] (Passive) All of Lich Du'Rhaza's skills deal Freezing Damage. After a certain amount of Freezing Damage is dealt to the player. They will turn to [Ice Statue]. Becoming immobile for 2 seconds. The next attack on the [Ice-Statue] has a 5% chance of instantly executing them.

[Frozen Death]: (Passive) Continuously Saps life from the living and transforms it into his own health. Steals 0.1% of targets around him per seconds and convert it to HP.

[Icy Burial] Surrounds the target with an ice tomb. Dealing 100% of base Damage in -Freezing Damage and burning 50% of their max Stamina.

[Frozen Necromancy] Summons ice-creatures as undead to attack Du'Rhaza aggressors.

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